The Fox and Rose Guide to Different Types of Knickers

The Fox and Rose Guide to Different Types of Knickers

Following on from our guide to different types of bras, we’ve decided to put together a guide to the huge array of different types of knickers to help you choose the best style for you. From the barely there G-string to the elegantly seductive French knickers, there’s bound to be a style you love the most!


The G-string gets its name from its clever construction. It is made up of a single triangular shaped piece of fabric at the front and a string-like piece of fabric that sits between the cheeks as well as forming the waistband. These are fantastic for creating a ‘barely there’ look.

The Sugar Squeeze Chiffon G-String by Mimi Holliday is made in a sheer leopard print fabric at the front and is complimented by a small rose lace triangular insert at the back. It is trimmed with decorative lace strings and matching bows for a truly feminine look.

Sugar Squeeze Chiffon Thong by Mimi Holliday

Minnie Sipping Thong by Stella McCartney


The thong is similar to the G-string, in that it doesn’t cover the bottom at all. However the thong has more fabric to it with a narrow band of fabric rising between the cheeks rather than a string. The waistband is wider and is usually cut as one piece with the rest of the garment.

The Minnie Sipping Thong by Stella McCartney is styled in a deep burgundy Leavers lace at the front and a matching sheer polka dot mesh at the back which is trimmed with lace. This simple, yet elegant thong is both delicate and luxurious.


The tanga is half way between a thong and a bikini brief. The back gives greater coverage to the derriere but still leaves a little bit on show. Like both the bikini and the thong they are low rise, meaning they sit low on the hip and not on the natural waistline. These are a comfortable and stylish way to transition to a thong.

The Prune Lace L’Amour Tanga by Rosy is made entirely in a dark prune coloured French lace creating a pretty scalloped edge all the way around, which gives a no-VPL finish to these knickers. At the front there is a contrasting large gold satin bow.

Prune Lace L'Amour Tanga by Rosy

Gwendolene Teal Brief by Playful Promises


The bikini brief is one of the most popular shapes on the market. It offers good coverage both front and back, has a semi-high leg shape and sits below the tummy. These incredibly versatile knickers come in a huge range of colours and designs and generally don’t show underneath thicker fabrics such as denim.

The Gwendolene Teal Brief by Playful Promises has a deep teal satin front which is overlaid with black eyelash silk. The back features a cheeky black sheer mesh and they are trimmed with a black satin bow and crystal drop at the waistband.


Boy shorts get their name from their shape. They are very boxy, much like a pair of men’s boxer shorts. The waistband sits on the low hip and usually goes across the torso in a straight horizontal line. The leg shape is low on the thigh creating a wide band like shape across the front and back.

The pale pink hues of the floral print on the Rose Knicker by Dentelle Etc is heavily contrasted by its panels of sheer black lace on either side of the front. The back is made entirely in the soft feminine print and the waistline is trimmed with a single black satin rose.

Rose Knicker by Dentelle Etc

Knickerbocker Glory High Waisted Knicker by Mimi Holliday


The full brief is sometimes known as the classic brief. They give full coverage to both the front and back and sit on the high hip without going right up to the natural waistline. These are often associated with being old-fashioned but recently, with the influx of vintage styles, they are gradually being seen as pin-up knickers due to their popularity during the 1950s.

The Knickerbocker Glory Deep Knicker by Mimi Holliday are anything but old-fashioned. The horizontal panels of black silk satin, plain and dotty sheer mesh and teardrop peep hole at the rear create a very sexy and modern look.


The high waisted knickers are fantastic for creating a smooth, clean silhouette underneath tighter items of clothing. As the name suggests they sit either on or just above the natural waistline, creating a very full coverage. This shape is often used in control wear for ultimate shaping.

The Control High Waisted Brief by Rosy is the perfect example of this shape. The mid-weight powermesh will flatter the curves of your body, smoothing everything out. However, their high cut leg shape and subtle lace trim give them a look that is both alluring and feminine.

Control High Waisted Brief by Rosy

Purple Elle Knicker by Kiss Me Deadly


French Knickers, also known as tap pants, were at their height of popularity during the 1930s and 40s. Often created in silk or satin these full coverage knickers are designed in a floaty short-like shape and don’t feature elastic around the leg. More traditional styles sit on the natural waist but more modern styles have been introduced with the waistline sitting on the hip.

The Purple Elle Knicker by Kiss Me Deadly is made in a traditional bias cut style to create a large volume of fabric to the garment. These sheer purple knickers create a seriously seductive look, especially when teamed with a suspender belt underneath.


The ouvert knickers are sometimes known as peep hole knickers or open back knickers. The French word ‘Ouvert’ basically means open and this opening can be placed anywhere within the construction of the garment. These can come in a range of styles from the bikini up to the French knicker.

The Black Les Extravangantes Open Back Briefs by Les Jupons de Tess are made in a luxurious black silk satin at the front and matching panels of black lace at the back. They are trimmed with a black elasticated satin band around the waist to create a tempting triangular shaped open back.

Black Les Extravangantes Open Back Briefs by Les Jupons de Tess

Untie Me Lace and Crystal Brief by Shell Belle Couture


The side tie knickers are exactly what they say, they tie at the sides. These are more commonly worn within the bedroom as a seductive item but ones with small ribbon ties are creeping onto the market for more everyday wear.

The beautiful Untie Me Lace and Crystal Brief by Shell Belle Couture are quite possibly one of the most luxurious pair of side tie knickers you can buy. Made in a delicate sheer dot silk tulle, the back features an overlaid panel of French Leavers lace and a row of clear Swarovski crystals down the centre for the ultimate in glamour.

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