The Fox and Rose Guide to Different Types of Bra

Different Types of Bra

There are so many different types of bras on the market today that sometimes it’s really hard to figure out which is the best one for you. Perhaps you need support, or you want to enhance your cleavage or maybe you have a particular outfit you want to wear it with, whatever the reason we can help you to choose the perfect bra style for you with our helpful guide to different bra types.


The balconette bra has low cups, almost a demi-cup, that create a look of a horizontal line across the chest and the underwires sit very much in a U-shape. The straps are set wide apart allowing for many types of necklines to be worn on top without the bra being on show, which makes it one of the most popular bra shapes on the market.

The Dotty L’Amour Balcony Bra by Mimi Holliday is created in spotty pink and white silk chiffon and is padded and lined with 100% cotton for added comfort against the skin. It’s shape its typical of the balconette bra making it a luxurious everyday bra.

Balconette Bra

Padded Bra


A padded bra is a term used to describe several styles of bra such as push-up, moulded, t-shirt or demi-cup but generally it means a bra that will shape the breast to make them appear slightly larger. Sometimes the ‘pad’ is removable and sits within a little pocket inside the bra.

The Rosy Prune Lace L’Amour Padded Bra is a demi-cup padded bra which scoops low into the cleavage and gently pushes the bust towards the centre of the chest. Its gold satin cups and pretty brown French lace cover the padding so it isn’t noticeable on the outside.


The moulded cup is always fully padded with a thin layer of foam, sometimes even memory foam, to fit seamlessly around the breast and create a smooth finish. This technique is often used in t-shirt bras to stop them from showing through tight clothing.

The Raspberry Ripple Moulded Bra by Mimi Holliday in electric fuchsia pink is both supportive and extremely comfortable to wear. It creates a beautiful shape that will remain in place all day long thanks to its clever moulding underneath the stunning silk satin.

Moulded Bra

Push Up Bra


The push-up bra does exactly what it says, it pushes the breasts upwards and together to create a fabulous cleavage. The shape of the cups always forms a low plunge line to allow the cleavage to be seen when wearing a low cut top. The padding, which sits on the outer side of the cup, can be made from foam, silicone rubber or gel.

The Vintage Champagne Bra by Rosy is a fantastic bridal push-up bra with its rich champagne silk and antique effect lace scalloping around the bust line which mixes vintage details with contemporary design.


The deep plunge bra is perfect for really low V necklines as the centre front of the bra sits below the bustline. The straps are usually set wide apart so widely cut necklines can be worn as well as low ones. Push-up style padding is often used within these bras to give an added boast to the cleavage.

The Zanzibar Padded V Bra by Damaris in jet-black pure silk is the perfect bra for wearing underneath glamorous low cut dresses due to its sculpted plunge front, 100% cotton padding and smooth, flawless finish.

Deep Plunge Bra

Longline Bra


The longline bra, sometimes known as the bustier, has a longer band that sits underneath the cups for added styling. Often boning will be placed on the side seams to give extra support and stop the band from creasing up. The style of the cups can vary from balconette, demi and plunge.

The Opal Plunge Bra by Dentelle Etc is made in a soft ivory fabric and features contrasting black detailing around the cups, the straps and the three delicate buttons down the centre. The cups are underwired but have no padding creating a soft but very wearable bra. The side boning adds extra support.


The strapless bra is perfect for garments that have awkward necklines or no straps at all such as prom dresses and beach maxi-dresses. There’s always plenty of support inside its construction including underwires, padding and silicone strips across the top of the cups to avoid them slipping down.

The Erin Wishing Strapless Bra by Stella McCartney features all of the above and is completely invisible under clothing due to its smooth bandeau styling. Straps are included for added versatility.

Strapless Bra

Quarter Cup Bra


The quarter cup bra is sometimes known as the cupless bra or the shelf bra. As the name suggests the cup is cut into a quarter allowing most of the breast to be shown whilst still giving a small amount of support. Obviously these are very much an intimate garment and aren’t generally worn everyday.

The Gwendolene Teal Quarter Cup Bra by Playful Promises is the epitome of luxury fun. Styled in a beautiful teal coloured satin and overlaid with black eyelash lace, it can be worn with or without nipple pasties for a sensual and flirtatious elegance.


The soft bra features absolutely no padding, no wiring and no boning. Clever shaping in the cups can create fantastic support much like you would’ve seen in the bras from the early to mid 20th Century. Contemporary soft bras, however, also have the added bonus of modern stretch fabrics and construction techniques. However, they are not suited for very large cups sizes.

The Stephanie Silk Soft Bra by Ayten Gasson is made from luxurious rose silk and the finest English lace on the cups which allow a little bit of ease for added support.

Soft Bra

Triangle Bra


The triangle bra quite obviously has triangular shaped cups. These can either be triangle cups that just sit over the breast or ones that create a shape that goes right up to the shoulder. These are more often than not a soft bra without wiring.

The Chocolate Chip Triangular Bra by Mimi Holliday is the latter style with the black lace cups forming a high triangle shape to incorporate the straps. A nude mesh and black lace trim sit on the inner edges of the cups to create a faux strapping effect.

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