Choosing The Perfect Suspender Belt

Choosing the Perfect Suspender Belt

Stockings and suspenders. There’s no denying just how sexy they are and, with Valentine’s around the corner, now is the just the right time time to invest in the perfect suspender belt. If you’ve never bought one for yourself or a partner then there are a few things to consider before splashing out and with our helpful guide we know you’ll find the perfect one at Fox and Rose.


Choosing a suspender belt that sits on your waist, rather than your hips will mean that it won’t constantly be slipping down. When it sits on the waist your hips keep it in place which will stop you from having to readjust everything all day long.

If a suspender belt is advertised as sitting on your hips go down a size and adjust the straps accordingly to make sure it fits around your waist comfortably like the Mimi Holliday Blossom Noir Lace Suspender Belt in black and dusky pink.

Blossom Noir Lace Suspender by Mimi Holliday

Pandora Tassel Suspender by Damaris


Narrow suspender belts, like the Damaris Pandora Tassel Suspender Belt, have a greater distance between the main fabric and the suspender clips. This means the straps have to be quite long.

With a longer strap you get more movement when you walk which means that your stockings will fall down more often, so this type of suspender is better for the bedroom.

Deeper suspender belts, like the Charming Flowers Suspender Belt by Studio La Perla, have a smaller distance and, therefore, shorter straps and less movement.


There are two types of suspender clips, metal and plastic. Plastic ones can be found on cheaper high street suspender belts, whereas metal ones are always used on luxury lingerie like the Minnie Sipping Suspender Belt by Stella McCartney.

Metal clips will fasten on to the stocking much firmer than plastic ones and therefore will stay in place all day.

Metal clips are not always silver or gold coloured, sometimes they are coated with a colour finish to match the straps. The rule is if it bends then it’s plastic!

Minnie Sipping Suspender Belt by Stella McCartney

Van Doren Ivory Boned Suspender Belt by Kiss Me Deadly


The adjusters sit on the suspender strap and adjust the length of the strap so that everyone can find a comfortable fit, no matter what height they are.

Traditional suspender belts, like the Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren Ivory Boned Suspender Belt, tend to have metal clasps that have a serrated edge that grips the strap.

Whereas more modern suspender belts have sliders, which are exactly the same as the sliders you find on your bra straps. The cheaper plastic ones do tend to move more, so always look for metal sliders.


First and foremost, always choose a fabric that is comfortable. There’s nothing worse than something irritating your skin all day.

Then check to see if it has a little bit of stretch in it. This will add to the comfort factor, especially as our bodies can fluctuate daily as well as monthly.

However, the fabric should always be of good quality, like the nude mesh, black lace and silk satin of the Chocolate Chip Suspender Belt by Mimi Holliday, to make sure it stays in shape and lasts longer.

Chocolate Chip Suspender Belt by Mimi Holliday

Mia Kimono Suspender Brief by Playful Promises


There are also many alternatives to the suspender belt that will hold your stockings in place, like the Mia Kimono Suspender Brief by Playful Promises.

Suspender briefs give you the freedom of only wearing one garment but make sure you choose one with good quality straps, clips and adjusters, otherwise you may end up with your knickers slipping down!

Other alternatives are the corsolette, girdles, cinchers (sometimes known as waspies), basques and corsets.

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  1. Hello Fox & Rose I loved you lingerie blog on choosing the right suspender belt it was nice and simple and informative loved the pictures as I adore women’s fashion and have an interest in this subject

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  3. Good ideas to spice things up a bit. I’m always hesitant to try this out because I thought it’s uncomfortable. Now I want to try them just to know if it really is not comfortable.

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