8 New Year’s Lingerie Resolutions To Stick To

New Year's Lingerie Resolutions

Whether we actually say it out loud or not we all make resolutions or goals for the new year. These could be something as common as giving up drinking for a month or something more personal like making sure you spend more time taking care of your family. But one thing we always think about when making ours at Fox and Rose, of course, is lingerie! So, here are my 8 New Year’s lingerie resolutions that I am definitely going to stick to.

Have a clear out

Throw out lingerie

I’m a terrible hoarder, particularly when it comes to clothes. I’m always really scared of throwing something out just in case I may need it in the future! I’m the same with lingerie, keeping a pair of knickers that have a hole in them, and don’t match any of my bras, just because they’re comfortable to wear with a particular pair of jeans.

Having a clear out and making sure I get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, is falling apart or just don’t go with anything else is going to be my first project of the year and, as hard as it will be, I know it’ll be very satisfying to do. I won’t just throw it in the bin and leave it to go into landfill, though, as there are so many ways you can recycle unwanted lingerie these days.

Stop putting ‘hand wash only’ lingerie into the machine

Hand wash lingerie

I’m terrible for looking at a label, seeing it says ‘Hand wash with care’ and thinking ‘oh, I’ll just stick it the machine this one time’. Then, of course, the next time I think it’s okay to put it through the machine again because it ‘survived’ the last time. I have a few pairs of knickers I do this with and, it’s true, they haven’t fallen apart but the heat has discoloured them so much that they don’t match the bra and suspender belt anymore which really irritates me.

This year I vow to stop doing this.

I know I will still machine wash those pieces that say they can be treated that way, even though I know they’ll last longer if I wash them by hand, but I just don’t have the time and that’s okay.

Buy what fits regardless of the size on the label

Sizing tags

I hate sizing labels. I know they’re necessary but you can go into one clothes shop try on a size 12 pair of jeans and they’re too tight. You can then walk into another shop, try on a pair of size 10 jeans and they are too big. This can be the same with lingerie brands and, although, I will always go for ‘my size’ to start with, from now on I am going to make sure I take no notice of what size the label is telling me.

If a pair of size 14 knickers fit me, feel comfortable and make me look good I’m not going to suddenly think I’ve put on a huge amount of weight and buy the size 12 just to make myself feel better.

Stop saving my favourite lingerie for special occasions

Pleasing Soire Shorty and Bra by Shell Belle Couture

I’m a huge offender of doing this. I bought myself a beautiful navy blue Leaver’s lace set in the January sales last year (it was reduced from £300 down to £95, what a bargain!) and I still haven’t worn it because I’ve been saving it for that ‘perfect’ outing.

The problem is that whenever I do go out on a special occasion I end up wearing something that I feel comfortable in, worried that my ‘special’ lingerie might let me down in some way. How will I ever know if I never wear it? Therefore, in my eyes, from now on the idea of special occasion lingerie doesn’t exist!

Buy all of the matching lingerie pieces at the same time

Minnie Sipping Suspender Belt by Stella McCartney

So many times in the past I have purchased the bra and knickers as part of a set but haven’t bought the matching suspender belt at the same time. Then I regret it later when I go back at a later date to buy it and it’s no longer in stock!

Towards the end of last year I started to make sure I always bought the whole set at the same time and I am going to make sure I stick to it this year. It may cost a little more all at once, but at least I won’t be crying into my cereal in the morning when I want to wear stockings with my new favourite set.

Experiment with new brands and styles

Chocolate Chip Shoulder Bra by Mimi Holliday

We all have our favourite brands and styles that we tend to stick to but sometimes it good to try something different because, you never know, you may just be missing out on that perfect piece of lingerie.

I am definitely guilty of this but having worked on the Fox and Rose blog for nearly a year now I’ve been introduced a whole world of different brands I’ve never tried, so it’s time to do some experimenting. One style I definitely want to try is the Mimi Holliday shoulder bra. Being a larger bust sized girl I’ve always shied away from this style, thinking it won’t support me, but knowing the way they make their bras, I’m sure I’ll be proved wrong.

Wear more colour

Red L'Honorable Collection by Rosy

I have to say I’m terrible at choosing coloured underwear. I love black as well as peach or pink as a more nude colour but rarely go for full on, brightly coloured lingerie and I honestly have no idea what’s holding me back. With so many brands bringing out such beautiful pieces in amazing colours, like the Stella McCartney Clara Whispering collection and Rosy’s Red L’Honorable collection I really have no excuse. So, it’s time to be brave and bring on the brights!

Wear attractive sleepwear

Copen Blue Selma Dancing Chemise by Stella McCartney

It’s so easy to grab those flannel pyjamas or t-shirt and leggings and slob around on the sofa in the evening, particularly in this cold weather, but it doesn’t exactly boost the confidence, now does it? Even if you’re a single gal like me, sliding on a beautiful silk nightgown or satin camisole and shorts has got to do more for the self-love than that cartoon print onesie with the holes in it, hasn’t it?

Therefore I’m going to treat myself to some grown up, breathtakingly sexy and thoroughly luxurious nightwear that I can swish about the house in every evening, pretending that I’m some kind of beautiful goddess and I’m sure my January blues will be out the door in a second.

Have you made any New Year’s lingerie resolutions?

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