A Gentleman’s Guide to Lingerie Gift Buying

A Gentleman's Guide to Lingerie Gift Buying

At Fox and Rose we know that finding the perfect lingerie gift can be tricky, especially with all those sizes, colours and styles to choose from. It can be even harder as a gentleman who really wants to impress the lovely lady in his life with something that both he and she will love. Never fear, just follow our lingerie gift buying guide and we’re sure you’ll be the most popular boyfriend/fiancé/husband on Christmas morning!

What’s Her Size?

Know Her Size

If you don’t know it already then somehow you will need to find out her size before even attempting to purchase anything. Don’t just guess, no woman wants to receive lingerie that is way too big or too small. There are several easy ways you can find out, so there’s no excuse.

  1. If you’re not worried about spoiling the surprise just ask her, or be more subtle by working it into a casual conversation.
  2. Take a sneaky peek inside her lingerie drawer but, be warned, she may cut all the labels out.
  3. Ask her best friend. This is the one woman in her life that is most likely to know and she may even give you tips of what brands or styles that are best to go for. If you’re embarrassed about asking in person, send her a text or an email. And you can bet your life this will win brownie points with the bestie!

Remember, you’ll need her bra size, a number and letter(s), and her dress size, a number, for knickers and nightwear. Every product on Fox and Rose has a sizing section within the information details, so you can always be sure of choosing the correct one.

What Are Her Favourite Colours?

Bra Colours

Every woman knows what she likes and doesn’t like when it comes to choosing her favourite lingerie colours. Have a quick look in her lingerie drawer and you’re bound to see a dominance of one particular shade. Alternatively take note of what colours she wears a lot of in her every day dress. This can often be a big hint.

Colours say a lot about the gift you’re giving, so if you’re going for seductive then red, purple or black can be just what you’re after. If you’d rather indulge your romantic side go for something more girlie with shades of pink, cream and pastel blue. And if you’re just not sure, it’s always best to go for something classic like shades of white and nudes (a light skin tone).

Is She a Fox or a Rose?

A Fox or A Rose?

All women have two sides to their characters, the tempestuous, bold and mischievous fox and the chic, feminine and understated rose. These sides are more often than not reflected in their lingerie choices and many women veer towards one style rather than the other.

The Fox

Leaning towards the racier side of a woman’s personality, the Fox loves black and it’s her go-to colour. However, shades of hot red, peacock blue, emerald green and sumptuous purple often appear in her lingerie drawer when she feels like she needs a splash of colour. She loves the luxury of silk and satin against her skin and will often indulge in these for her every day wear. However, she will love to take it up a notch in the bedroom with bondage styling and sheer fabrics of chiffon and simple lace to tempt you into her lair. Watch out, she may bite!

Shop for your fox now »

The Rose

The softer Rose is no less alluring than her sister, she just chooses to approach everything in life in a much more subtle way. Her love of delicate pastel shades of pink, blue and purple are complimented by angelic whites and luxurious gold and silver which all feature heavily in her favourite lingerie pieces. Although she loves to wear satin, she cannot get enough of fine silks, floating chiffon and intricate lace. Feminine touches of frills, polka dots and flowing fabrics create elegance and coquettish grace without being over-the-top girlie. Treat your rose well and she’s yours forever.

Shop for your rose now »

We’ve Got It All Wrapped Up

Fox and Rose packaging

Once you’ve chosen the perfect present, you’ll want it perfectly gift wrapped and we have the most beautiful Fox and Rose gift wrapping to make life easy for you. Firstly, the lingerie is carefully wrapped in our signature tissue and tied with a delicate contrasting ribbon. We then place this in a smooth and sturdy Fox and Rose box for a professional finish. All you’ll need to do then is place it under the tree!

Just choose the F&R signature packaging option when you select your delivery method during checkout.

The Low Risk Option

Fox and rose gift voucher

If you’re really not sure what to get or are scared of buying something she really won’t like then the easiest thing to do is give her gift vouchers. She will then be able to choose what she wants and you could even have fun choosing her gifts together by browsing all the wonderful lingerie on Fox and Rose.

Shop our gift vouchers now »

And As Back Up

We know occasionally things don’t go according to plan, particularly when buying presents, so we’ve extended our returns policy to cover the Christmas period and any purchases made between 12th November 2014 and 1st January 2015, inclusive, may be returned to us by 10th January 2015, so you can rest easy.

Read our full Returns Policy »

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