Creating the Ultimate Hollywood Goddess Boudoir

Hollywood Goddess Boudoir

I recently moved home and one thing I was determined to have in the new place was a boudoir space all of my own. I’ve always loved the glamour of the bedrooms and dressing rooms you see in the films of the 1930s and 40s and, of course, all of the beautiful robes and lingerie they sashay about in during these scenes. And here at Fox and Rose we believe there’s nothing more luxurious than having the perfect environment to wear and display all your beloved pieces of lingerie.

Marie Antoinette's private chamber

Of course the sirens of the Silver Screen weren’t the first to come up with this concept and way back in the 18th Century Marie Antoinette was renowned for the most extravagant and opulent private chambers with their swathes of pale blue silk, walls covered with delicate gold leaf and sparkling chandeliers containing thousands of crystals. What girl wouldn’t want to laze about in her boudoir robes picking out the perfect shoes whilst indulging on sumptuous cake? (I actually think this is my idea of heaven!)

Jackie O's dressing room

Even Jackie O fell under the spell of creating her own private space with this beautiful Marie Antoinette inspired dressing room in the White House, complete with its own dressing table, privacy screen, plush seating and lavish fabrics. But how do you go about creating your own?

Velvet and lace and silk, oh my!

Drapes of heavy dupion silk, cushions of the softest velvet and touches of lace, feathers and frills all help to create a sense of luxury and indulgence in any boudoir. Whether you go for light and airy baby pinks and blues or dark and sensuous golds and reds nothing can add glamour like rich, tactile fabrics.

Versailles curved silk upholstered bed

Who wouldn’t want to wake up in a gold bed upholstered with quilted silk? This Versailles curved luxury bed from the French Bedroom Company would make the ultimate statement piece in any goddess’ bedroom.

Porcelain room service kimono

And, of course, you would always need a fabulous robe to lounge about in and nothing is more perfect than the Porcelain Room Service Kimono from Shell Belle Couture.

Silk curtains

Windows should always be dressed with opulence and drama. Plush and oversized curtains of silk, satin or lace that puddle on the floor can create a breathtaking impact to any shape or sized window.

Nigella bolster cushion

Plumping up the headboard with all sorts of lavish cushions help to increase the sense of relaxation and indulgence. But why not place several Nigella Bolster Cushions from Laura Ashley at the foot of the bed for somewhere to rest your weary feet. Go on, they deserve it!

Dimple nude bedding

At the end of everyday who wouldn’t want to dream away the night between pure silk sheets and kept oh-so comfortable and warm underneath a quilted silk bedspread? Choose matching pieces like the Dimple Silk Bedspread and Silk Bed Linen from Gingerlily to create a truly chic look.

Bisou bisou azure teddy

And why not slide into those beautiful sheets wearing nothing but silk with the Bisou Bisou Azure Teddy from Mimi Holliday?

Show off your wares

Creating the perfect space for all of your clothes, shoes and, of course, lingerie is every girl’s fantasy. If you can show it off and see all of it at the same time it’s a huge plus point so you don’t ever forget about that killer corset that’s tucked away in a drawer somewhere.

Lingerie storage

This is my ultimate dream, having all of my gorgeous lingerie hanging up in its own space in a walk-in wardrobe. Thankfully, creating this sort of storage doesn’t have to be expensive with Ikea providing all sorts of combinations with their clothing storage solutions.

Large glass fronted french armoire

If you don’t have the space for fitted storage why not go for timeless elegance with a French armoire. Choosing one like the Large Glass Fronted French Armoire from Out There Interiors allows you to not only hang all your treasured pieces up but proudly display it for all to see.

Herb garden mannequin

Mannequins are great for showing off your most cherished or most lavish piece of nightwear. Drape your favourite robe around its shoulders or create a display with your most opulent nightgown and style it with pearls around the neck. Mannequins don’t always have to be plain either, Vintage Style Mannequins have an amazing range of intriguing and ornate ones for you to choose from.

Fox and Rose packaging

And don’t forget to keep those Fox and Rose gift boxes as these come in handy for keeping your lingerie dry and out of the sunlight stacked up in a drawer or displayed in a cabinet.

Pamper in style


In the first scene Rita Hayworth appears in Gilda she is stood in front of the most incredible dressing table. It’s true Hollywood glamour and has everything you need to pamper yourself every night before going to bed. You can create your own pampering area with a few simple key pieces and then fill it with your perfumes, make-up and jewellery so you have everything in one place when you need it.

Florence mirrored dressing table

The dressing table is the most important item and a mirrored one, like the Florence dressing table from Homes Direct 365, helps to add to the sparkle and romance of the room. Make sure you choose one with a triple mirror so you can see all of your gorgeous angles as you get ready.

Powder puff

A powder puff is the epitome of 1930s Hollywood glamour. Use one like this Cotton Candy Powder Puff from Bonnie Bubbles on Etsy to apply body powder, preferably infused with your favourite perfume and just a little glitter dust to really shine throughout the night.

Bisou Bisou eye mask

One thing you mustn’t forget about whilst making yourself thoroughly gorgeous is your delicate eyes. A silk sleep mask not only blocks out the light, so you can get a good night’s rest, but it can help to soothe eye area as the natural amino acids present in the silk are thought to be beneficial for the skin. The Bisou Bisou Rocket Eye Mask in purple silk cleverly matches the rest of the Rocket range from Mimi Holliday.

Mayfair chair

A dressing table area isn’t complete without the perfect chair to sit in whilst you do your make-up and this stunning Mayfair Chair from Next is available in a range of luscious velvets. Just the right fabric for any Hollywood boudoir and is actually on my wish list of pieces to get!

Hollywood slippers

And you can’t be a Silver Screen goddess without the most ravishing pair of Hollywood mules to adorn your feet. What Katie Did really know how to produce vintage style lingerie (you can buy it on our sister site, Joanna’s Wardrobe) and they have produced these to-die-for bedroom slippers that I am just aching to wear around the house.

Creating your own ultimate Hollywood boudoir is about choosing those key pieces that will fit into your own home. Adding a splash of silk or a few velvet cushions may be all you need, after all it’s your space and it’s where you want to feel like you don’t have to be anybody else, just your truly gorgeous self.

So I already know which pieces I’m adding to my very long wish list. What about you?

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