Getting Ready for Christmas – Boudoir Photography


Betty Noir PhotographyPhoto credit: Betty Noir Photography

It’s now October and the Autumn weather has finally hit us, so dare I mention the C word. Yes, that’s right, Christmas! One great lingerie based Christmas gift you can give to your partner is a professionally taken boudoir photo of yourself. And if you want to do it for this Christmas you better get your skates on as it is becoming more and more popular every year, so you don’t want to be fighting for a slot at the beginning of December.

You don’t have to be a professional model to have a boudoir photography shoot, you just need a little confidence and reassurance from your photographer. Anyone can do it, man or woman or even a couple together. You don’t even have to do it for your significant other, why not treat yourself to a session of pampering and confidence building (you’ll be amazed by the results!)?

‘But I look awful in every photo of me’ I hear you cry. Well, we’ve got some great tips to help guide you on your day and make sure you look your best in every shot.

Iced Soul PhotographyPhoto credit: Teymur Madjderey at Icedsoul Photography

Finding Your Photographer

There are quite a number of women photographer who do these sorts of shoots but remember there are also a lot of men, so if you wouldn’t feel comfortable with a man make sure you check before booking.

Most photographers offer a preliminarily consultation to discuss your requirements. This maybe via email, telephone or face to face. Make use of this time and get to know the photographer. Ask them questions, tell them things you would like to try and get them to explain exactly how the session will work. If after this consultation you still don’t feel comfortable about something make sure you go back to them or look elsewhere.

Check with friends, ask around if anyone has done this sort of thing before and who they have used. Getting a recommendation from someone is much better than searching around for yourself. Ask to look at your friends photo(s). They may be too shy or it could be a great way of experiencing something new together.

Vixen Pinup PhotographyPhoto credit: Vixen Pinup Photography

Planning Your Session

Most people choose a theme for their photographs. This could be anything from a pin up girl to nerdy girl (think Superman t-shirt and glasses) and from Christmas to bridal. You could even take along something that belongs to your partner and build your theme around that. Do they have a favourite shirt or perhaps they’re a football fan? Or perhaps there is a certain part of your body they particularly love like your boobs, legs or even your eyes. Ask the photographer if you can do a number of shots just focused on that part of you.

The best thing is to have a look around at what other people have done (there’s plenty to look at online) and use your imagination to come up with something really special for them. Just remember to take along as much lingerie and props that relate to that theme as you can so the photographer has lots of options to choose from.

Couture Boudoir PhotographyPhoto credit: Couture Boudoir Photography

The Night Before

You will want to look your best in front of the camera so the night before it is best to make sure you’re in tip top condition. Do your usual hair removal routine. Doing this the night before means that you will be relaxed and no mishaps should happen. It also gives sensitive skin a chance to sooth any irritation overnight.

Make sure your finger and toe nails are clean and manicured so that you don’t have to rush and do this in the morning before you go or whilst you are getting ready at the shoot. You wouldn’t want your nails to not be dry as you’re putting on your beautiful lingerie, particularly if it’s bright red!

Get yourself a good nights sleep, you don’t want bags under your eyes the next day. Be careful what you eat beforehand, remember that some foods can make you bloated. Finally moisture before you go.

R VillarPhoto credit: RVillar

On The day

If you’re planning to do a few nude or nearly nude shots then it is best not to wear tight fitting clothes before you arrive and try not to wear any underwear. I know this may sound strange but you don’t want lots of imprints on your skin. Although you would probably want to build up to being in front of the lens with no clothes on, it is best to start with the nude shots first and then put your different lingerie outfits on afterwards, then you won’t have to worry about strange marks showing on the final shots.

Many photographers have their own make-up artist, but double check before you go. If they have, arrive at the studio without any make-up on but freshly moisturised. This way there won’t be a delay with you removing your make-up and you won’t risk any blotchiness from its removal.

Retro PhotostudioPhoto credit: Retro Photostudio

A good photographer will make you comfortable from the outset, giving you tips on the best way to pose and what positions would be best for you but there are always certain things you should always keep in mind for every shot.

  • Posture – remember what your Nan kept nagging you about as a child, head up (but not too high, no one wants to see up your nostrils!), shoulders back and stand up straight. These will all help to elongate your figure and make you look more elegant.
  • The booty tooch – if you watch America’s Next Top Model then you’ll know what a booty tooch is. Essentially it’s pushing your pelvis backwards to curve your spine and push out your bum. This gives your body an amazingly feminine silhouette, just remember to pull your stomach in at the same time.
  • Angles – creating interesting angles makes a more pleasing photograph than someone just standing straight on with no sense of movement. Kick up a foot, put your hand on your hip, tilt your head and think about the space angles can create between your limbs. This will give you a shot that people will want to look at.
  • Don’t forget your face – Another classic America’s Next Top Model saying is H to T which means modelling from head to toe. When you’re concentrating on all of the above it is easy to forget about your face and your thoughts and feelings can be played out in your expression. If you’re getting frustrated don’t let it show, think of your partner and how they make you feel. Use those thoughts to soften your expression and, if you feel yourself tensing up, take a break and stretch your facial muscles as this will help you to relax.

Are you feeling a little more confident now? If so, why not treat yourself to some gorgeous new lingerie to wear on your shoot so you can feel extra special on the day? And remember not to wear it at home until after you’ve given your final shot to your partner for an added surprise.

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