The 5 Best US & Canada Based Lingerie Blogs To Follow


Oops, we made a boob (yes, every pun intended)! We recently put together a list of what we think are the 5 Best UK based Lingerie Blogs to Follow. Well, we stand corrected, we had two blogs on there that aren’t, in fact, UK based but rather are over the pond in America. So, we’ve updated our previous list and have also put together a list of what we think are the 5 best US & Canada based lingerie blogs to follow. Thankfully our mistake is a benefit to you as you get to see even more wonderful lingerie blogs to follow!

The Lingerie Addict

The Lingerie Addict

If you follow any lingerie blogs, apart from ours of course, then I bet you follow The Lingerie Addict. You can’t talk about US bloggers without mentioning Cora Harrington who has run this site since way back in 2008.

Posting daily, and sometimes several in one day, her blog is quite possibly the biggest source of intimate apparel knowledge and covers everything from reviews to new season collections to the latest sales, as well as body image, corsetry, diversity, cosplay and the business side of the industry. Well, just about anything lingerie related you could think of! You can even sign up for her newsletter to receive weekly sales and promotions lists as well as the occasional exclusive offers for particular brands.

Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings is like a big hug on your computer screen. It’s warm and fuzzy and just makes you want to smile. Focusing on the fuller figure and fuller bust lingerie, it has the usual reviews and new collection posts but what makes it stand out is the gorgeous photography. There’s a real feeling of the etherial with floating fabrics and beautifully arranged flowers.

Alongside the lingerie posts sits a collection of baking posts, the author’s second obsession, which all helps to increase that warm feeling. So, if you love lingerie and love food too, this blog is for you.

Lucy’s Corsetry

Lucy's Corsetry

If you are even contemplating buying a corset we would highly recommend that you check out Lucy’s Corsetry blog first. Based in Canada, Lucy is not only obsessed with corsets but she is also hugely knowledgable about health issues and how the two are combined, so you know you’re going to get good advice here.

Unlike many bloggers Lucy doesn’t post every week but when she does, the wealth of information is outstanding and her video posts where she reviews a specific corset are invaluable. When I was deciding whether to purchase a What Katie Did corset I watched her reviews and afterwards I was totally convinced they would be the right style for me.

The Lingerie Lesbian

The Lingerie Lesbian

Yes, she’s a lesbian and yes, she loves lingerie, hence the name. Caro set up her blog in 2012 and has a (un)healthy obsession with anything cute, girly and lacy. She mainly focuses on lingerie, writing reviews, introducing new brands she’s discovered and showing off the latest collections but she also throws in a mixture of issue related posts, focusing on how lingerie impacts on our everyday lives and how it makes us feel. Her honesty and openness shine through in every post as she gives her own perspective on issues such as how the lingerie industry uses sex as its main advertising campaign.

Scarlet’s Letter

Scarlet's Letter

I’m an avid reader of the Scarlet’s Letter blog. Amber, who set up the site in 2009, has a really fun way of looking at lingerie and her posts always reflect this. Her reviews are always honest and full of helpful information but it’s the series of posts she does that really grab your attention, from ‘The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie’ to ‘Lingerie Inspired By’ to ‘Lingerie on Film’.

As well as all that, Amber has regular giveaways from some really amazing brands, designer interviews, and talks a lot about sizing, being a fuller busted girl herself. She’s also a big supporter of indie brands and has often featured our very own sister site Joanna’s Wardrobe.

Have you come across any US or Canada based lingerie blogs that you’d like us to add to our list?

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Just a vintage gal suffering from the Golden Age syndrome. Blogger, lover of all things old, lingerie obsessive, crafter and enjoys rummaging at flea markets.
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2 Responses to The 5 Best US & Canada Based Lingerie Blogs To Follow

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  2. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! I used to post multiple times a week, but as I’ve been traveling more than I’m used to this year, I’m embarrassingly behind. I hope to catch up this autumn, and maintain a schedule of posting a new article each week in 2015. Once again, I’m immensely flattered that you included me in this list, thank you!
    ~ Lucy

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