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The Honourable Woman

Whilst watching The Honourable Woman on BBC1 recently, and constantly seeing Maggie Gyllenhaal in her figure-skimming silk nightgown, it got me thinking about what other lingerie has made an impression on me that has been featured in a TV series or in a film.

Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies

Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies

Everyone remembers this famous scene of Jamie Lee Curtis performing a striptease for a man who she doesn’t realise is actually her husband. Her classic black balconette bra and high-cut thong were copied and sold across the world as women wanted to look just as hot for their own man.

Lipstick Fever Balcony Bra by Studio La Perla

High-cut knickers were very much the height of fashion in the 1990s but today we prefer the lower cut hipster briefs or thongs. We’ve brought the Jamie Lee Curtis look up-to-date with Studio La Perla’s Lipstick Fever Balcony Bra and Briefs.

Rose Byrne in I Give It A Year

I Give It A Year

Released in 2013, I Give It A Year was hailed as ‘this year’s answer to Four Weddings’. Unfortunately not everyone saw it that way but there was a great scene where Rose Byrne sported a fabulous Mimi Holliday Kamikaze lingerie set.

Aphrodite Bra and Knickers by Damaris

In a slightly different style but in exactly the same clashing bright colours of orange and shocking pink, the Damaris Aphrodite Lace ‘V’ Bra and Corset Knickers are a fantastic alternative.

Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

Nicole Kidman was lucky enough to wear some truly incredible costumes in Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge but none was more seductive than the black corset, shear lace robe and black stockings she wore whilst lounging in her red velvet boudoir.

Essence Black Corset by Vollers

Voller’s Essence Corset in black with red trim will instantly give you than Moulin Rouge look, nipping in the waist and pushing up the breasts. Perfectly Victorian!

Beau Lace Robe by Shell Belle Couture

Team it with the Beau Lace Robe by Shell Belle Couture to create an enchanting veil for your body as you lie seductively in your own boudoir.

Maison Close Stockings

And finish your outfit off with these unique, French designed, Sheer Cut & Curled Stockings from Maison Close.

Sookie Stackhouse in True Blood

Sookie Stackhouse True Blood

There have been some amazing lingerie moments in every season of True Blood and I’m not just talking about the women! The main character Sookie Stackhouse has definitely had her fair share including this diaphanous bra and robe which suited her fairy character down to a tee.

Tease Bra by Shell Belle Couture

Why not try the Tease Bra and Tanga in pink champagne silk and appliquéd lace by Shell Belle Couture to create a similar delicate, yet tempting look?

Room Service Kimono by Shell Belle Couture

Team it with Shell Belle Couture’s latest addition to it’s collection, the silk crepe de chine Room Service Kimono, which comes in rose tea and noire or porcelain.

Sophia Loren in Marriage Italian Style

Sophia Loren in Marriage Italian Style

The queen of the seductive lingerie scene, Sophia Loren began her acting career in her home country of Italy, starring in films such as Aida, The Gold of Naples and Too Bad She’s Bad.  But it was in the 1964 film Marriage Italian Style where she wore this ever-so-tempting sheer nightgown.

Seduce Me Robe by Shell Belle Couture Titicaca Gown by Damaris

For an equally irresistible look we have not one, but two sheer nightgowns to choose from. Take your pick from the exquisite black lace Seduce Me Gown by Shell Belle Couture or the black silk tulle Titicaca Gown by Damaris.

Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows!

Harry Potter in a bra

And who can forget Daniel Radcliffe in a bra in the Harry Potter film Deathy Hallows? Okay, so it’s not sexy but it certainly left a lasting impression and the bra, to be honest, was very cute.

Exquise Bra by RosyFor a similar,  yet more feminine look, the Exquise Bra by Rosy with its soft ivory tulle with embroidered detail is as cute as you can get.

Have you seen a film recently where you’ve been drooling over the lingerie? Have you seen something similar on Fox and Rose?

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