The 5 Best UK Based Lingerie Blogs To Follow


One of our most popular posts on the blog is ‘So who are the world’s top 10 lingerie bloggers?‘ but it was published way back in 2010 and, as you can image, is rather out of date now. At the time there were very few UK based lingerie bloggers but since then there have been a number of fantastic blogs making waves on the lingerie scene based right here in Blighty and each one has their own unique style and their own views on all things intimate. So, here’s our list of the 5 best UK based lingerie blogs to follow.

Undercover Lingerista

Undercover Lingerista

Kitty at Undercover Lingerista covers all types of lingerie on her blog from high street to online only to luxury brands and her review posts are epic. She really delves down into the intricacies of each item, looking at how they are made, their unique features, how they look against the skin and the quality of the fabrics. Each post has a multitude of photographs with many really close up to show you the fine detailing.

Alongside the reviews are fantastic insider posts to special lingerie events such as new season launches and anniversary celebrations, as well as giveaways, gift guides and spotlights on her favourite brands.

Le Curvy Kitten

Le Curvy Kitten

As the title suggests Le Curvy Kitten blog focuses on the curvier side of lingerie, as well as fashion. Covering everything from up to the minute high street clothes to in-depth looks into indie brands to lingerie and hosiery reviews, there’s probably something here for everyone. But what stands out the most is her love of corsetry and figure hugging dresses.

This blog is about loving your curvy body and showing it off to its full potential. If you’re, like me, a fuller chested girl and love to slink around in body skimming dress whilst believing you’re the next Joan from Mad Men then this blog is for you.

Bras and Body Image

Bras and Body ImageAnna, who runs Bras and Body Image, is a feminist and a supporter of body positivity. Being a large busted girl she has struggled with her own self image and wants to get her voice out there to help others who are in the same position. No body snarking is allowed!

In every review post Anna shows her readers exactly how each piece fits her with amazing photos not just of the front but of all angles and detailed close-ups. This enhances her comprehensive explanation of her views and helps the reader to really know what to expect with their own purchases.

Petite Coquette

Petite Coquette

Petite Coquette is all about the luxury brands and is great place to go and drool over all those pretty pieces you wish you could fill your lingerie drawer with. Every image oozes opulence and indulgence and you can’t help but get sucked in.

The main focus of the blog is on promoting the brands and highlights new collections, upcoming sales and industry rumours. If you love being ahead of the game then make sure you follow this one.

Invest In Your Chest

Invest in Your Chest

Run by Cheryl, Invest In Your Chest began its life in 2010 when she received an awful bra-fitting service in one of the high street stores. As a result the blog focuses mainly on problem sizing, particularly those with small backs and larger cup sizes, as her own body type requires. With two main lingerie based sections, reviews and bra fitting, you can tell that Cheryl is on a mission to improve the whole issue around bra fitting for the masses. A must read if you find sizing a headache.

Have you come across any UK based lingerie blogs that you’d like us to add to our list?

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Just a vintage gal suffering from the Golden Age syndrome. Blogger, lover of all things old, lingerie obsessive, crafter and enjoys rummaging at flea markets.
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  3. Anna says:

    Hey Fox & Rose! Thanks for including me in your list 🙂

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