Ethically Made Lingerie at Fox and Rose

There has been a lot of talk online recently about ethically made lingerie and why it’s important. It’s a subject that most people don’t even consider when purchasing their underwear. We don’t think to ask questions like where was it made? Where did the fabrics come from? Who were the workers that actually made it? Did the manufacturing of it impact on the environment?

Ethical Lingerie at Fox and Rose

So why are these things important?

We’ve read a lot of reports in the newspapers or watched documentaries on the TV about big brands being found out for using cheap labour in third world countries to make their garments. Most recently there was the shocking news of the Savar building collapse in Bangladesh where over a thousand people lost their lives, many of them working in factories that produced clothing for brands such as Monsoon Accessorize, Primark and Matalan.

These are high profile examples of why knowing who is actually making your item is important. However, also knowing an item is made locally means that you know they were made by local people who have local jobs. All of these things impact positively on the environment and the economy. If the brand also uses locally resourced fabrics then even better, they won’t have to transport the fabric thousands of miles to the factory. Less fuel is used which reduces the negative impact of the environment and local fabric manufacturers benefit.

Ethically made lingerie available on Fox and Rose

So, the next time you head online or have a shopping trip to your local high street, have a think about who made that bra you’re thinking of purchasing and what was the journey from conception to your shopping bag. And if you want to know which brands we sell that are ethically made, look no further.

Soire Plunge Push Up Bra by Cosabella


Very much a family run business, Cosabella have their headquarters in Miami, Florida but are actually an Italian brand who produce all of their products in Italy where they must abide by the strict labor laws. This allows them to combine American innovation with fine Italian craftsmanship.

Just Married Silk Knickers by Ell & Cee

Ell & Cee

A truly British brand, Ell & Cee were founded by fashion graduate Laura Cloke and manufacture all their pieces within the UK, although all their hand-beaded designs are outsourced to India. However, many of their garments are hand finished by their in-house team in the UK which adds to their bespoke quality.

Natalia Chemise by Sally Jones

Sally Jones

Australian brand Sally Jones source their finest silks and lace from France and throughout Europe but hand cut and produce all of their garments locally in their home country. They are also huge supporters of Desert Flower, a worldwide organisation that fights for the abolishment of gential mutilation.

Stephanie Silk Soft Bra & Briefs by Ayten Gasson

Ayten Gasson

Available on our sister site, Joanna’s Wardrobe, Ayten Gasson design and manufacture all their lingerie and loungewear in the UK. Every single piece of lace that goes onto their garments is also sourced in the UK, with vintage lace coming from the old mills in Nottingham, an area that was once famous for its lace production. In 2011 they launched their first eco range using fabrics made from organic silk where the thread is produced using cruelty free methods.

Other Brands

You also can’t forget about brands such as Kiss Me Deadly who produce about 60% of their lingerie in the UK. They also use fabrics sourced from off-cut pieces left over by bigger brands, so at one point you could match your Kiss Me Deadly pinstripe girdle to a Fantasie Simone Bra. And as mentioned in our previous post, Playful Promises have design and produced their limited edition Circus Collection right here in the UK.

So, the next time you add a bra to your shopping basket stop for a minute and ask ‘do I really know where this comes from?’

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