Feeding Our Lingerie Addiction!


Are you addicted to lingerie as much as we are? We just can’t get enough of those beautiful unmentionables made from the finest silk, delicate lace and all those scrumptious sheer fabrics. So, when we came across these gorgeous bra cupcakes on Pinterest we started thinking about what other everyday objects could be ‘lingeriefied’ to help feed our addiction!

Bra cupcakes

These too-good-to-eat bra cupcakes were made by Cupcakes Under Cover and really are so clever. I’m not sure if we attempted to make them they would turn out this good, though.

Lingerie biscuits

And talking of food, how about these fantastic lingerie biscuits from 3CSC on Etsy? They’d be a great idea for a hen do. We particularly like the bums!

Lingerie Cake

This cake from Ann Maries Cakes is amazing. Hmm, perhaps someone could make one like this in the style of a Fox and Rose gift box? Of course, we’d be willing to try a slice.

Bustier T-shirt

Okay, so enough of drooling over cake. How about wearing your bra on your t-shirt?

Bra Duvet Cover

Or, perhaps, on your duvet?

Do you take your bra off at the end of the day and just throw it onto the bed? Well, now it can stay there forever with this discarded bra printed duvet cover from Snurk Bedding (detail shown below).

Bra Duvet Cover

Bra Bag

You can even carry your lingerie around with you on this bra bag from Lillie Laine Bag on Etsy. It also has pink panels of positive breast cancer messages so you can spread the word as well as showing off your underpinnings.

Bra & Knickers cosmetic bags

How about keeping your make-up in an ultra sexy lingerie set? These two cosmetic bags from Mad Beauty are just so seductive we want to wear them!

Corset Phone Case

Imagine getting this out of your handbag on a night out when someone is trying to get hold of you. Yes, it’s a mobile phone case. It comes in four different colour ways and is available from Blinni Fashion on Etsy.

Bag made from a bra

How about this then? ‘What is it?’ we hear you ask. Well, it’s a bag that is actually made from a bra. This craze seems to sweeping the internet with lots of Pinterest boards popping up showing everyone how they’d made their old bras into nifty little handbags. And if you want to have a go just follow the helpful guide from Sewing.org.

If you’ve seen any everyday item that has been made to look like lingerie let us know below so we can feed our addiction just a little bit more!

About Cate

Just a vintage gal suffering from the Golden Age syndrome. Blogger, lover of all things old, lingerie obsessive, crafter and enjoys rummaging at flea markets.
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