Don’t mention the football!


Okay, so we won’t mention anything about what happened in Brazil. We’ll quickly move on to a summer of amazing sports events that just happen to be some of the most stylish events of the social season. And what’s better, they’re all in the UK, so, there’s still a chance to celebrate some British sporting achievements.



We’ve all secretly got our fingers crossed for Andy Murray this year. What an amazing achievement it would be if he won Wimbledon two years in a row. We’ve already spotted a whole host of stylish celebrities cheering him on in Centre Court and we can’t wait to see who turns up for the next round on Monday.

So, what underwear do you wear to Wimbledon? Whites, of course! It’s a long standing tradition that all tennis players at Wimbledon should wear white or mostly white outfits and you can be sure that the female players’ lingerie is white to match.

Wimbledon lingerie

1. Signature Underwired Bra and Culotte Brief by Else
2. Exquise Bra and Thong by Rosy
3. L’Amour Bra and Brief by Rosy

Glorious Goodwood

Glorious Goodwood

Racing at Glorious Goodwood is a seriously classy event. Okay, so it’s not Ascot, but it is just as stylish with women in colourful summer dresses and exquisite hats and the men in three-piece linen suits and Panamas. It’s a more relaxed atmosphere and is a place where young, bohemian celebrities mix with the aristocracy and nobody blinks an eye.

One style that seems to dominate Goodwood is the traditional 1950s tea dress and so creating an hourglass shape with your lingerie is going to work perfectly with this style. Stick to classic black to create an elegant and chic silhouette.

Glorious Goodwood lingerie

1. Charming Flowers Padded Bra, Brief and Suspender Belt by Studio La Perla
2. Lisbeth Corset and Brazilian Brief by Marlies Dekkers
3. L’Amour Bodysuit by Rosy

Henley Regatta

Henley Regatta

What could be more British than sitting on the side of the Thames at Henley, watching the rowers exerting themselves, whilst you’re sipping Pimms and eating strawberries? The dress code is traditional with men in suits and ties and ladies in dresses or skirts with an optional hat.

However, the best thing about the fashions at Henley is the men who go for the nautical or preppy looks with boaters, school blazers and Oxford bags (trousers to you and me!). So, celebrate all things nautical by sporting your own blue lingerie and join the British rowing set.

Henley Regatta lingerie

1. Bisou Bisou Azure Comfort Bra and Knickers by Mimi Holliday
2. Azzure Allure Bra and Boy Shorts by Mimi Holliday
3. Rendez-Vous Soft Bra and Brief by Rosy

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