Vollers Corsets – Embrace Your Curves

From a flat, cylindrical body shape with the breasts raised high to a full bust and tiny restricted waist, the corset has created many silhouettes over its long history. The first image of a corset-style garment appeared in ca. 2000 BC, but it wasn’t until the 16th Century that the corset really became an item of global popularity.

Vollers, The Corset Company is one of the oldest UK corset manufacturers still in existence today. Husband and wife Harry and Nelly Voller, who were both trained in corset making, first opened their doors in Portsmouth, one of the most extensive areas for corset manufacturers in the world, in 1899, at a time when corsets were worn by just about every adult female.

Madame Vollers Corsets

As fashions changed rapidly over the war years, corsetry fell in and out of popularity, with the Suffragettes declaring them unhealthy and oppressive to women. During this time Vollers had to reinvent themselves, predominantly focusing on girdles rather than corsets, and, in true Vollers style, became one of the leading manufacturers for girdles in the country. With the development of Dior’s New Look in 1947, where women, once again, strived for a perfectly svelte waist, corsets and corselettes came back into demand and Vollers was able to return to produce garments they were so renowned for.

Vollers 1950s styles

Today, a Vollers corset is not only a work of art, being constructed in modern, fashion-led fabrics, but is also created with the highest quality in mind. Each one undergoes a rigorous inspection process before it leaves the factory, making sure the customer receives a beautiful and long-lasting garment. Not only that, they have now added a Lifetime Guarantee to all corsets bought since July 2013.

But what makes a good quality corset?

  • A natural fabric lining such as cotton twill
  • A waist tape for added strength and durability
  • Steel boning to create that perfect curvy silhouette
  • A steel busk that allows the corset to close at the front with hook and eyes
  • Metal eyelets, or grommets, for lacing
  • A modesty panel which sits behind the lacing to prevent skin exposure
  • An underbusk to help prevent the stomach from being pushed out

Each of which is standard construction for every Vollers corset.

At Fox and Rose we have a selection of Vollers corsets, from stunning outer-wear corsets to sculpting underbust corsets and from alluring black to bridal white, that we just know you will get years of pleasure from.

Vollers Corset Allure

The Allure Corset is made from luxurious Thai silk in a sinuous red and gold design on a black background and is trimmed with delicately gathered black lace on both the top and bottom edge. This Oriental style corset could be worn as both an elegant outer garment or be kept for more intimate occasions.

Vollers Bridal Corset Spirit

This longline corset is constructed a little wider on the hip to give a more defined hourglass shape than other Vollers corsets. The Spirit Bridal Corset, made from classic ivory satin, features trimming of matching ivory braid down the four front boning seams and ivory edging at the top and bottom.

Vollers Corset Fever

The Fever Tartan Underbust Corset is a fun, flirty corset that could be mixed and matched with all sorts of lingerie pieces or worn over clothing for a unique outerwear garment. It is designed with a slightly longer length than the Passion Underbust Corset which is perfect for those with a longer torso.

Vollers Corset Inspire

This royal blue satin corset features a gentle sweetheart neckline to accentuate the cleavage just a little more than other designs. With four panels of contrasting black lace, The Inspire Corset, is a striking piece of luxurious lingerie and, as with most Vollers overbust corsets, it comes with detachable suspender clips for keeping those stockings perfectly in place.

Vollers Corset Devine

The longline Devine Corset comes in two colour ways, black satin with red trimming for the Fox in you or simple white satin, perfect for any bride or Rose. Both are trimmed with luxurious lace across the top edge and have a matching skirted hem. Rather than the standard straight steel busk at the front closing, this corset features a spoon busk which helps to flatten the stomach and create a more streamlined silhouette.

If you’ve never bought a corset before there are a few things you should be aware of. Firstly, quality made corsets are generally very comfortable but you should never expect to just put on a corset, tighten it up as far as you can, and then wear it for the next 8 hours. A corset should be worn over a short period time, gradually increasing the length of time once you feel happy to. It should also be tightened gradually and should be let out if you feel it is at all uncomfortable.

Sizing is determined by the size of your natural waist, normally measured 1″ above your belly button. This measurement is then reduced by 2″, for a gentle curve, or 4″, for a more defined hourglass shape, to give you your corset size.  So, if you are have a natural waist of 28″ you would go for a size 26″ for a gentle curve or 24″ for a more defined shape. If you are an odd number it is recommended that you reduce this measurement by 3″ to determine your corset size, so a natural 27″ waist would choose a size 24″.

And if you’re still not convinced, perhaps Vollers long list of celebrity customers can persuade you. With fans such Dita von Teese, The Saturdays, Katherine Jenkins, Girls Aloud and many more, you really couldn’t be in better company.

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