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In our January Newsletter we mentioned a couple of New Years resolutions and that we had some more to share with you, so here’s another: in 2014 we will ask our customers for lots more feedback!

It’s a tough world as an online lingerie retailer: competition is fierce with the big players like Figleaves and Marks and Spencer taking the lion’s share of the market whilst in the niche brand space the competition is from the brands themselves, who increasingly are selling through their own retail sites. 

It’s easy to see why so many small web retailers struggle to be profitable, and sadly many of them either fail and go bust, or simply close because they decide it’s just too hard.

Yet Fox & Rose and our sister site Joanna’s Wardrobe both continue to be successful because we share a personal interest in what we sell with our customers, we offer a personal service that the bigger retailers don’t provide, we offer the variety that a single brand site doesn’t provide, and we have a single-minded focus on retailing that brands don’t have.  We don’t manufacture and we don’t wholesale because as valued customers, we want you to have all of our attention.  As industry gurus Tom Peters and Robert H Waterman Jr put it in their seminal work on successful organisations “In Search of Excellence“, we stick to the knitting.

That’s why I’m inviting all of our Fox & Rose subscribers – Newsletter, Blog, Facebook and Twitter – to complete a survey which will help us understand how to be what we want to be – the number one online boutique website for Fashion Lingerie.

And to show you how committed I am to this, I will give every respondent a 15% discount at Fox & Rose for a month, and I will give the most useful response  – as chosen by me – a £100 Gift Voucher.

Click here to complete the survey

Thanks in advance for your help!


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