The Allure Of Mad Men And Their Leading Ladies: How To Create The Hour Glass Silhouette

With Christina Hendricks being even more evasive recently about season five of Mad Men than Matthew Weiner and Jon Hamm, the girls at Fox & Rose got to speaking about the rise and rise of this runaway hit show. Much of Mad Men’s success is attributed to the magnetic pull of it’s protagonist Don Draper but at Fox & Rose we’re finding ourselves instinctively drawn to Joan. Of course we are!

It’s refreshing and eyeopening to watch how women in the ’60s went through the difficulties of being in a man’s world; we think the female characters are amazing.

However it is of course the styling we’re looking at. In fact we’ve heard many a rumour that Ms Hendricks will be the next Wonder Woman. Although it’s just a rumour and she has in fact denied it, we’d place bets on the trends that would ensure should such a collaboration take off.

There is no denying that the phenomenal success of both the actress herself and the character of Joan Holloway has sparked the obligatory debates (still raging) regarding women and size in Hollywood. In a recent interview, it was said “Christina Hendricks hasn’t just got breasts. She’s got measurements.

In fact, at a size 14 she is way out in terms of what Hollywood stylists would normally work with when putting an outfit together. If you love her styling as much as we do, then there are a few tips and tricks you can use to help you achieve that voluptuous silhouette and hour glass curves.

Your choice of underpinning is essential – opt for a plunge push up or contour bra like Stella McCartney’s new Cherie Sneezing collection. Or alternatively the Black Diamond Contour Bra by Pleasure State Couture.

Elle Macpherson Obsidian also has a wonderful contour bra as part of it’s ‘Maria’ range…all are pictured below.

We’re looking forward to another enticing series. That is of course if Christina is not lured off the cast in favour of a role as Wonder Woman.

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