What a Find: Olga Olsson Luxury Swimwear At Fox & Rose Soon!

After a very exciting few weeks scouring the look books of some absolutely stunning swimwear brands, we’re putting the finishing touches to our new Fox & Rose beachwear boutique.

Launching in just a few days, we’ll be presenting an edited selection of some truly divine designer swimwear and luxury beachwear / resort wear. To give you a taster, here’s a sneak peak at Olga Olsson’s Spring/Summer 2011 range. We know you’ll absolutely adore it!

We love the ethos of this brand – “When we buy things in one place, it has repercussions some place else… When we put our credit card down we endorse a corporation and their practices and what it takes, and how it affects thousands, if not millions, of lives.” Edward Zwick, director, Blood Diamond.

This ethos is taken throughout the company’s business practices too – something we value highly at Fox & Rose.

Their philosophy values the skills of professional women and men around the world involved in the complex task of creating beautiful, well made and good quality fashion that will last.  They work mainly with small producers, and work with them on ethical trading terms – paying 50% up front for all orders, paying a living wage, ensuring that the atelier follows a code of conduct based on the Ethical Trading Initiative.  The company values process just as much as the product itself; “handmade items are the ultimate luxury because they involve so much time and care from the person that makes them.”

Olga Olsson is bohemian, sexy and contemporary, creating designer swimwear that is personal and unique; products that enhance diversity, celebrate traditions, create meaningful employment and respect local environmental conditions.

We absolutely adore their collections and look forward to offering them to you at Fox & Rose – if you want to know more, then follow their blog here.

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One Response to What a Find: Olga Olsson Luxury Swimwear At Fox & Rose Soon!

  1. Kara Cox says:

    Great piece from Fox and Rose….kx

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