The Bodysuit is Back!

Scanning through the latest offering from British Vogue we alighted upon a story about Raquel Franco, stylist and designer who has launched a new line of bodysuits that are redefining the way the bodysuit is perceived.   In the world of lingerie the bodysuit has truly taken off in the last couple of seasons, yet it’s great to see an endorsement of this by the wider fashion community.

Raquel’s creations (pictured above) are undoubtedly beautiful; geometric, linear and look like they would work artlessly under clothes, creating a smooth silhouette.

Bodysuits created by lingerie brands are usually crafted in lace or mesh creating a seductive semi transparent appearance on the body.  This makes them more difficult to wear strictly as outerwear yet it certainly can be done without appearing crass or vulgar.

The accolade of best bodysuit designer must go to the supremely talented Laura Cloke of Ell & Cee. New to Fox & Rose this week is the hottest body of the season ‘The Frou Frill Bodysuit’. (pictured left)  The ivory lace with interwoven gold thread is fierce whilst the silk, chiffon frill softens the look.  What’s more there is an inbuilt bra that offers support and uplift to the bust.

Don’t forget that for a limited period only we are offering free delivery.

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