Lingerie Inspired Oscar Fashion

On a cold, grey Monday there is nothing we enjoy more at Fox & Rose than scrutinizing this years Oscars fashion. There were the sartorial winners step forward Cate Blanchett (pictured below) whose Givenchy couture gown managed to be both avant garde yet beautiful.

The yawn inspiring predictable, read Reese Witherspoon in the dullest of dresses and what was going on with the hair?





Yet perhaps what we are all most interested in those are those style blunders that really fail to hit the mark. With the legion of stylists available it’s surprising that the usually immaculate Nicole Kidman decided to stick with a frankly ugly creation by Galliano a designer plastered all over the press for his hideous diatribe in a Parisian bar earlier in the week.

There was one outfit that particularly caught our eye was that worn by the graceful Mila Kunis who plumped for a couture gown by Elie Saab. In a fresh lavender with intricate lace detailing this gown demonstrates how lingerie and fashion can work in perfect harmony with each other. We adore the scalloped lace detailing which highlights the bust elegantly and the flattering drape of the silk chiffon that falls seductively from the body. Truly breathtaking.

Another dress that drew heavily on lace detailing was that worn by the bodacious Scarlet Johansen. The deep mulberry color, a huge color story for next season, worked well although the high neck was not such an inspired choice on somebody endowed with a fuller bust.


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