The Search for That Elusive Face For Fox & Rose 2011

It’s that time of year when we are frantically busy arranging our lifestyle shoot, where we showcase some of our most striking creations from the hottest round up of global lingerie brands. The photographer has been booked; the supremely talented Andrew Woffinden whose work has featured in most of the top magazines, Elle, GQ to name a few and who has just finished shooting the Autumn Winter 2011 Reiss Campaign.  His work for us can currently be seen on our site Fox & Rose and below are a few select images from our Autumn Winter collections.

Yet it’s that elusive face that we are still deciding upon. Last season we used up and coming star Lena @ Elite Models London (who features in the images above). Again we are faced with a plethora of stunning girls from top London Agencies and it’s almost impossible to choose. Should we go with the sultry charms of a brunette, or a cool blonde in the spirit of all things light and summery? Should our model be voluptuous and womanly or veer towards the more editorial svelte and willowy. Decisions, decisions…….With time ticking we are going to have to make our choice.

In any case we know that we will have lots of spectacular images for the site any time soon and where you will have access to some of the most exquisite lingerie this spring summer. We’ll keep you posted on how everything goes. x

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3 Responses to The Search for That Elusive Face For Fox & Rose 2011

  1. foxandrose says:

    Dear Summer

    Here at Fox & Rose we appreciate that women come in all shapes and sizes and that the skinny ideal perpetuated in fashion magazines is very far from what the majority of us actually look like. To address this issue we have and are still employing Kate a curvy size 12 who clearly illustrates that lingerie can look great on the more curvier physique. Of course a size 12 should hardly be considered curvy but in the crazy world of fashion it might be considered positively enormous. Despite resistance from various bodies we think it’s of utmost importance to portray realistic bodies and so that is why we always strive to show some of the lingerie on a curvy body.

    For our lifestyle images we are unfortunately regulated by sample sizes which are standard model measurements, this means 34b (bra size)and size small (knickers), until suppliers start making larger samples it is impossible alas to use larger models.

    Many thanks for your truly valid comments.

    Alexandra Miro Co-founder Fox & Rose

    • Summer says:

      I do appreciate your dilemma, but unless there is a demand to produce larger sample sizes, manufacturers will never have the incentive to produce them! Do retailers actually advocate for this, or do you guys simply elect to take the path of least resistance? It seems that the entire fashion and retail industry is being held to the whims of the manufacturers, when they are in fact the “customer” in wholesale transactions…manufacturers are beholden to you and other retailers to keep them in business and are not going to close their doors forever if their customers ask for larger sample sizes…they will have to respond to changing demands if they want to continue being on the supply side of the equation.

  2. Summer says:

    Since you carry lingerie in all sizes, would you consider using a mix of models with varying body types? I love your lingerie selection (and the photographs), but most of us who browse your shop are not lithe 16 year olds. Look at the woman on the left side of the default page on the Coco de Mer USA site ( ). She’s photoshopped, but not as heavily as we are used to seeing – there’s still a softness to her body and curves, and it’s a very sexy photograph. Fox and Rose is selling exclusivity, luxury, and erotic appeal; it would be nice to see the visual message that those adjectives apply to the full range of your customers, not just the women who are a size 4 and smaller. I understand that breaking from convention is always risky, but that also means there is a potential for a greater reward – I firmly believe it would pay off. It would be great publicity, it would make your shop and your image truly unique, and I believe it would greatly enhance the experience of customers browsing your shop – instead of planting nagging doubts about whether a “real” woman can really pull off such dainty get-ups, women could enjoy a boost of self-confidence, which is one of the erotic imagination’s most powerful catalysts. Take a risk, differentiate yourselves, milk the publicity, nurture your customers, and reap the rewards!

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