Highlights From The F&R Sale: Else Lingerie

One of our favourite collections this season at Fox & Rose was a designer we introduced into the UK market, Else Lingerie.  A tremendous achievement on the part of founder Ela Onur to make you feel glamorous, confident and comfortable – to give you a little something ELSE.

The chic, timeless pieces, designed and produced in Onur’s Istanbul atelier, respond to your changing moods throughout the day, in an attempt to keep you happy and satisfied. Each piece is handmade and created as if individually designed for you – it’s the only way to be assured of getting the perfect cup, fit and quality. Onur embraces her Euro/Eastern heritage to create garments that are seductive, but glamorous and sophisticated at the same time and we’re thrilled to work with such creativity.

Her signature longline bra was featured as one of the Telegraph’s iSpied recently and she is fast growing a cult following for her original and sumptuous designs.

So if you’re searching for an elegantly glamourous new black lingerie set, you would be hard pushed to find a more perfect ensemble that the signature plunge bra (was £79, now £56)  and matching signature culotte (was £49, now £35).

This bra has certainly got the girls at Fox & Rose swooning and we think it’s sure to be an enduring classic. Every detail is perfectly conceived from the silk lined cups, the delicate rouche detailing and the lush leaver lace that wraps seductively around the body. Pure luxury.

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