Kate Moss Featured in Valisere’s New Campaign

Autumn winter 2010 sees the collaboration of iconic model, Kate Moss, with lingerie giant Valisere. Moss is styled to resemble a young Bridgette Bardot, all tousled locks, come hither stares and youthful insouciance. Much has been written in the recent press regarding the overly zealous use of the re-touchers airbrush, but either way Moss looks undeniably fabulous, it’s the actual lingerie featured in the images that does not wholly convince us..









Red is certainly the color du jour. It works well with this seasons minimalist aesthetic, providing a bold pop of color in a sea of camels, blacks and other sludgy neutrals. It works equally well on the lips from Bordeaux stains to striking pillar-box reds. Alas, in lingerie it rarely translates. With few exceptions, think Fleur of England’s Crush line that is actually a delicious raspberry hue, it has undeniably smutty undertones; gaudy, brash and just a little try hard. The image pictured above just confirms this belief and let’s be honest if Moss can’t make us want to buy it then who on this planet can?

The next shot of Moss, posing in underwear that could be described politely as restrained, (read staid, boring and something that you might find on the racks of any high street retailer) is in stark comparison to the red set previously pictured. Did Valisere do this on purpose to illustrate that they design for both the innocent coquette and the brazen vixen? Of course there is no problem with this, here at Fox & Rose we share the view that women have predispositions to certain looks and pick pieces that reflect these moods and characters. Yet Valisere’s interpretation of this duality of a woman is decidedly clichéd veering from one extreme to another.








It’s an interesting campaign and actually there are some images that are more successful. The black set featured in the image below is arresting with interesting detailing, but we think it might have worked better minus the grandma style curtains at the back. The final image of the ubiquitous black set, complete with suspenders and an interesting longer line bra, is partly spoiled by the tuxedo jacket, a nod to the sexy secretary look perhaps?, and the questionable backdrop of what looks like a strangely suburban bedroom.








These images are garnering loads of press attention, maybe for reasons not necessarily pertaining to the lingerie. By using the world’s top model and most iconic face the pieces become almost irrelevant.

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One Response to Kate Moss Featured in Valisere’s New Campaign

  1. Ron Fox says:

    Thank you for the nice pictures. They are very nice.

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