So who are the world’s top 10 lingerie bloggers?

Since setting out on our journey to launch Fox & Rose (a journey which is very nearly coming to fruition), we’ve encountered a myriad of websites, magazines, blogs and vlogs along the way. Lingerie is such as specific area of fashion and has its very own cult following of dedicated underwearfiles.

Even within the fashion community itself there are those fashion editors with a love of the layers beneath and those whose heads are hard to turn with promises of luxurious and design-led underpinnings.

However one thing we have seen is a thriving community of lingerie bloggers, alive and kicking both sides of the big pond. Here in Europe Knickers Blog (headed up by the first ladies of lingerie Alison and Danae) and Blogleaves (the official Figleaves blog) are two to watch, with Frou Frou Fashionista and The Lingerie Addict flying the bloomers high in the United States. We were recently alerted to an interesting list of the top 20 lingerie blogs on Wikio via Twitter, so we thought we’d share said list with you, starting with the coveted number one lingerie blogger, which for this October, according to Wikio is…(drumroll)…

1) Frou Frou Fashionista “a luxury lingerie blog which focuses on the finest intimate apparel from around the world. The blog highlights news from Faire Frou Frou, the award-winning lingerie boutique that represents the finest brands in lingerie”. What can we say? A great read ladies!

2) The Lingerie Addict “There’s no 12-step program for this..” Treacle’s engaging blog, we are absolute fans at Fox & Rose!


3) Guilty Pleasures “Lingerie You Covet” – interesting and informative.


4) Intimate Guide “Lingerie Blog and Sale Alerts” – we are really enjoying this blog at Fox & Rose. More in depth posts are accompanied by some real insights from the blogger. A Fox & Rose must read.

5) A Slip of a Girl “A lingerie blog” – this blog contains short but sweet posts highlighting interesting garments. Ideal for glance over a coffee break.

6) The Panty Drawer “Opening up the drawer of a lifelong lingerie lover, to see what’s inside.” – informative, light hearted, we really enjoy reading The Panty Drawer at Fox & Rose

7) Blogleaves “Fashion inspiration, style news, and all that’s new in the world of” – the well known lingerie retailers official blog.


8) Too many Tights “For those for whom too many tights is not enough…” – we couldn’t agree more and this is a great, directional blog.


9) Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie “Officially back in business. Be sure to see my Vintage Lingerie Boutique on eBay! Blogging about my husband’s condition and offering vintage lingerie tidbits! What more can ya ask for ;)”

10) Lingerie Blog “Lingerie Covered” – nice use of imagery on this lingerie blog!


The only downside to the list is the lack of UK based lingerie bloggers, especially considering the huge amount of talent and design on our shores. However we’re hoping that Fox & Rose will be heading for the charts soon to balance the scales a little.

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6 Responses to So who are the world’s top 10 lingerie bloggers?

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  2. richard says:

    I’m familiar with the Wikio list and I’m a big fan of many of the blogs on that list, so congrats to all. However, your readers should know that the list doesn’t really represent the “best” or “biggest” among lingerie blogs; it’s simply a preferential ranking of those blogs that have joined or applied to Wikio. Lots of good ones are missing. As Canada’s only lingerie news blog, we were miffed that Lingerie Talk was left off … until we realized we had neglected to sign up for Wikio!

    Best of luck with F&R!

  3. danny says:

    At last a very good article in relation to the topic, continue the good work and also I hope to examine far more from you in the long run.

  4. Ally says:

    Although very happy that Guilty Pleasures got the 3rd place, I think Knickersblog should be higher in the top, too. It’s been one of my favorite lingerie readings for a long time and I’m sure it has thousands of fans all over the world.

    P.S. Looking forward to see your new site.

  5. foxandrose says:

    Yes it’s a great blog isn’t it! You’re based in Hamburg right? Really enjoying your blog too btw. Stay tuned for the launch of we’d be really interested to see what you think of our new site 🙂

  6. Thanks for the list! We agree with place No 1!! FaireFrouFrou is absolutely wonderful!!

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