How to take care of your prized lingerie collection

At Fox & Rose we’re constantly being asked what the best way to care for your luxurious undergarments is. The abundance of top quality silks, beautiful lace and often hand made finishings mean that keeping those treasured pieces in their best shape requires a little extra TLC in the washing department. Taking care to follow washing instructions is essential and will prolong the life of your well loved garments enormously. However there are a few little tricks of the trade which you can use to make things a little easier.

We all know that the best way to treat your underwear is to hand-wash in cold water. Hot washing can shrink lingerie, especially silk and satin, lingerie by up to 20% in size. When you are washing your bras, knickers, nightdresses or any other items, it’s actually best to use a really light detergent as the harsh chemicals in most can really damage the fine materials.

However if, like most of us, there are times when washing your bras in the washing machine is the only option, a good tip is to use a lingerie wash bag. This will protect your bra from being stretched out and if your bra is under wired, it protects the under wire from being twisted and puncturing the bra material. A simple and very effective solution to the hand washing conundrum. Fastening the hooks and eyes at the back of the bra can also reduce fabric damage too.

We must also add to avoid putting your lingerie in a tumble dryer – the heat can damage fabrics like elastic and lycra so line drying or drying flat is a must.

Another top tip we’ve learned along the way is that it’s not necessary to wash a bra after every wearing. But, to retain its shape it’s good to give it a day off, after each day on. This way you give your beloved bra some time to reform its original shape and the fabric is allowed to breathe a little.

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