Great Foundations

We are constantly on the look out for great foundation undergarments.   The kind of pieces that sit well under clothes yet also feel lightweight and comfortable.  Some mistakenly believe that this kind of underwear should be the ubiquitous low priced items found in abundance on our high street.   Yet at Fox & Rose we vehemently disagree.  If anything everyday pieces should be an investment that should be made above and beyond anything else in your wardrobe.  A great foundation makes clothes sit properly and  creates a sound silhouette.  

We’ve talked a little of Cosabella before on the blog and they, in our opinion, offer some of the best foundation garments on the market.   Take for example the Marni Strapless Bra (pictured left)it is without doubt the most formidable and versatile bra we have come across in terms of functionality.  The longer line body offers superior support and the plunge style and scooped back mean you can wear it with pretty much anything.   You also have the option to boost your cleavage with the removable cookies or wear as a standard bra by adding straps.   At this point you might be thinking, well yes great but I’ve seen similar high street buys at a fraction of the price. None however will feel as light and soft on the skin.   The thing with more expensive garments is the quality of fabric used that generally tends to last longer and wear better.

Another super basic bra is the Soire Molded bra (pictured below right) also by Cosabella.  Under wired and with soft cups it gives a great silhouette and thanks to their signature Tulle feels like you are wearing nothing.

Functional pieces don’t necessarily need to be plain.   Fleur of England’s Padded Balcony’s and Lace cup balconies (pictured below) work fabulously under garments despite being supremely beautiful.   The quality of lace used makes all the difference as a Leaver lace will always mold to the breast unlike some of the cheaper versions that feel constrictive and rigid.  

So we hope in some way we might have convinced you to take the leap of faith and experiment with some of our great offerings, which will be available on our site very soon.   If you sign up now to our 7th Floor members club you will receive a 10% discount on your initial order.

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