London Fashion Week : The Lingerie Boudoir

We’re a little surprised by the lack of lingerie brands exhibiting at this year’s London Fashion Week Lingerie Boudoir.

Looking at the official website, we got very excited; “For Spring Summer 2011, Heritage brands La Perla, Myla and Wolford sit beside a plethora of exciting newcomers and cult industry recognized talent. With the lingerie market being one of the biggest generators of turnover within the UK fashion industry hitting 2.8 billion pounds, it’s a force to be reckoned with!”

We couldn’t agree more. After trailing around Paris’s much talked about Mode City for Spring / Summer lingerie and swimwear, we certainly came to the conclusion that British brands top the charts in terms of fashion-led lingerie design. Cutting through traditions and continuity trends, many of the young designers like Ell & Cee, Fleur of England, Fred & Ginger, Tallulah Love, take their inspiration from the catwalk and beyond, often producing pieces that are both eye catching and original.

So it is with somewhat deflated anticipation that we read the participating brands at London Fashion Week this year, although a great selection, are disappointingly limited: Cinq a Sept, Beautiful Bottoms, La Perla, Marlies Dekkers, Myla and Wolford.

The event is supported by Lingerie Buyer magazine, so we would have thought the excitement and buzz around such a prestigious event would have been higher.

We’re glad to see one of Fox & Rose’s favourite brands Beautiful Bottoms on the list. However we are contemplating whether it will be worth the trip, or has the official list just not been updated properly?

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One Response to London Fashion Week : The Lingerie Boudoir

  1. lauren says:

    hi girls, thank you for mentioning our beautiful Silk Lingerie. Yes it was a shame not to see you. Love the blog! x

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