What’s in Your Top Drawer?

Here on the Fox & Rose blog we thought it would be hugely insightful to find out what’s in your top drawer?  Being inherently nosy about women lingerie collections we have decided to ask designers, friends, family and hopefully some of you to show us your favorite and well not so favorite undergarments.

In the spirit of fairness we thought we would kick off with what’s in our own top drawers. So over the course of the next weeks both Amanda and myself, Alexandra, the two founders of Fox & Rose will allow you a quick rummage through our personals.

Alexandra Miro, Co-Founder Fox & Rose

I think my lingerie drawers reflect an eclectic range of sizes, prices and styles of underwear.   I am certainly not averse to the impulsive charms of the high street, not for the fit but rather the quirky prints and faddish trends. I have yet to find a cheap bra that fits well. Of course I am always open to suggestions……

I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to lingerie some of it is imbued with personal memories   The Agent Provocateur circa 2003 bra (pictured) is one that I could never part with, despite the fact that it lost its shape years ago and has obviously seen better days.

The black and white set was a christmas present from my husband and although I love it I haven’t been able to fit into it for donkeys years.   Which brings me on to the subject of sizing.  My bras range from a fairly diminutive C cup to a rather impressive G cup, post baby.  It’s amazing to think that ones breasts fluctuate to such a huge degree.

In terms of style I regard myself as more ‘Rose’; instinctively drawn to more delicate, feminine sets.  This seems to surprise people as my fashion sense veers more towards edgier, harder, structured pieces. I guess a bit of split personality syndrome.

Of course I love classic black underwear, I barely know a woman who doesn’t.  Fifi Chachnil is my absolute favorite in terms of fit and shape, her black satin balconette which I bought recently at tekinoktay, in Copenhagen, is literally being worn to death.

Order has never prevailed in my knicker drawer. Folding pants for me is a complete anathema although I am secretly envious of those that do. Maybe it says something deeply Freudian about my personality. Mmm that is getting a little deep it probably just says I am resolutely lazy.

So there you have it. A tour de force around my top drawer. I can’t wait to see yours.

If you would like to participate in What’s in Your Top Drawer email us some pictures of your lingerie collection or if your daring even wearing your pieces with a short descriptive text about; what kind of lingerie you like, what styles you go for and the perils and pitfalls of lingerie shopping.

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One Response to What’s in Your Top Drawer?

  1. Renya Nelson says:

    I love this blog. I wish my top drawer was filled with beautiful pieces like yours. Unfortunately mine has been on a tight budget for a few years and I hate looking in it each morning. 😉

    I have always wondered what percentage of women wear matching bras and knickers. Any idea what the percentage is? My mother always wore matching, something I never even think about when getting ready. You?

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