Lingerie models and women of colour: a hot debate

The issue of models and size is a topic never far from the headlines. It’s a debate that rears up every time a label’s new campaign features a smaller / larger / more voluptuous / more androgynous model than before. Real Women Vs Supermodels, the done to death size zero conversation and so on.

But one angle we read less about, particularly in the lingerie industry, is the lack of women of colour in many campaigns.

Reading an article recently on the excellent blog, The Lingerie Addict, Why Doesn’t the Lingerie Industry Like Women of Color? we came to realise that many of the comments posted on the corresponding Facebook page were pointing to a similar issue for designers and retailers: a lack of lingerie models of colour.

This has prompted us on a hunt to uncover some great lingerie models of colour – following many of the comments via The Lingerie Addict it appears they are a rare find but we’re confident we can showcase a few amazing examples on Fox & Rose. If you have any hints or tips, do let us know.

The Lingerie Addict reflects that “all women of color are underrepresented in lingerie.  Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Native American…it doesn’t matter”, which we tend to agree with.

In fact when we picked the two models for the product shots and videos on Fox & Rose (you can have a look on the live site at the end of September), we wanted to embrace diversity as part of our choice. We hope this reflects the duality of women in our name too, the Fox and the Rose, and also a representation of the many aspects of female beauty. We think Annie looks stunning in this beautiful Tallulah Love set, for example.

It is difficult to make the right model choices for lingerie campaigns. No decision is without it’s supporters or those against. However we are glad that The Lingerie Addict raised the point so concisely, as it certainly started us thinking more carefully about the topic.

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One Response to Lingerie models and women of colour: a hot debate

  1. Treacle says:

    Thank you for talking about this issue here! It’s the sort of thing where the more people who are aware (even if they don’t necessarily agree), the better.

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