Fox & Rose Lingerie Campaign Picks for Autumn Winter 2010/11

The Autumn/Winter lingerie campaigns are emerging and we have been keeping a firm eye on the latest offerings.  Here Fox & Rose picks some favorites to date.
Lake and Stars
Lake & Stars enlist Tom Hines to shoot their Autumn campaign.  The feel and direction reverts to the 1970’s. Models pose in an array of kinky yet seemingly awkward positions.  They possess the vacant expression and waxy complexions of shop mannequins. It has done the unthinkable and left us feeling that maybe crotch-less tights are a wise sartorial choice.
Lake and Stars
Eres Paris appears to have taken inspiration from this years most talked about star, Christina Hendricks.  Their model, Tiah Eckhardt (an albeit svelte Christina doppelganger) works the look, rocking an electric red mane and come hither pose. Stunning.
Eres Paris
Fleur of England goes down the sultry, sophisticated route with her shoot for ‘Midnight Storm,’ the new line for Autumn/Winter.  The color choice; the inkiest, darkest, twilight blue, heralds a welcome change from the ubiquitous black.  Set to be a phenomenal success for the season.
Midnight Storm

Stella McCartney’scampaign has a raw honesty to it. Its model appears refreshingly natural, free from the generically retouched look we have become accustomed to. The dulcet tones in the backgrounds create an interesting contrast against some of the more vibrantly colored pieces. We particularly love the Elodie Hopping Bra in a sparkling emerald green.
Stella McCartney

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