The Bodacious Body & Lingerie

High fashion can be unkind. It demands its wearer at the very least to be tall and slim, and employs an army of prepubescent models to reinforce this point. There might be some tertiary backlash to this trend creating a wave of harried optimism, yet you can be wholly assured that a swathe of size sixteen lovelies aren’t going to be sauntering down this Autumns catwalks.

Kelly Brook
The majority of high fashion designers today are men whom have a cruel predilection for the androgynous silhouette, after all why would you ruin the line of a dress, trouser, top, with an ungainly pair of breasts or protruding derriere? Yet the world of lingerie design is inhabited by women, thankfully, whom appear to be more sympathetic to the changing nature of society, one that is growing and whose bust sizes are expanding. Take Mimi Holliday for example, the sister line to Damaris, who has made a commercial success of creating ranges that go up to an F even G cup.

Gemma Arterton
Yet we digress the main purpose of this post was to post some images of how truly wondrous lingerie can look on the more voluptuous physique. A bodacious body; large breasts, pronounced hips and a relatively small waist can elevate the lingerie to such a plain that no ultra skinny frame could ever hope to replicate. Enough said.

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