Haute Couture & Lingerie

Haute couture is not usually a name synonymous with lingerie design, yet there is a small band of designers whose work is being afforded ‘Haute’ status due to its superior craftsmanship and design.

When talking about Haute Couture and lingerie the principal name that springs to mind is Carine Gilson, the Belgian born designer based in Paris. Each piece is hand finished in her Brussels studio using the finest Lyon silk and airiest Chantilly lace. Her work is akin to any masterful couturier.

We at Fox & Rose like her vision of fuchsia loveliness featured in the Venise silk charmeuse kimono. However, it’s the silk blend lace trimmed bra that has totally won our hearts. The £350 price tag might seem exorbitant but who can resist its obvious charms. The price reflects the amount of time spent on each individual piece, so different from mass-produced brands that are churned out day after day in sweatshops across the world.
Yean Yu
Another name carving a niche in the ‘Haute Couture’ world of lingerie is Yean Yu, New York based but originally Korean. Her designers have a far more minimalist aesthetic free from any padding or embellishment that might detract from its simple lines. Yet the devil is in the detail, the fact that each piece is hand finished, crafted from the finest silks and the design, although simple, is absolute perfection.

Some notable pieces from the collection are the Foreshadow silk charmeuse bra featured in a dreamy rose hue. For a piece with strong impact the Alter Ego bra ticks all the boxes; in the obligatory black, long line it exudes style and refinement. Pure class.

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