Big is Beautiful

There was a time not so long ago when bigger pants were considered deeply unfashionable, their sole purpose being in holding one in place a la Bridget Jones or catering to the needs of those who considered comfort over style.

However, there has been a real shift in attitude.  Women have now discovered the joy of the so-called ‘granny knickers’ in offering it’s wearer a flattering, stylish, alternative to the ubiquitous thong.    Think Lady Ga Ga, Scarlet Johannsen (Lost in Translation) and all manner of lovelies who have woken up to the understated appeal of the bigger pant.   We could go even go further in saying that the big knicker sums up the current mood within fashion towards a more restrained, minimalist chic.

Naturally there are degrees of big.  For those just dipping their feet in the water so to speak, why not try Mimi Holliday’s divine Amoureuse Boyshort, with detachable suspender straps, a gorgeous vintage inspired piece, teamed with the equally gorgeous Amoreuse bra, due to hit our site mid September.

For those that who want to fully embrace the big knickers they don’t come more spectacular or unashamedly ‘big’ than Fleur of England’s Something Blue Knickers.  Silk Satin panels interwoven with Austrian Lace make this a supremely beautiful yet wearable piece, the sugary blue perfect also for any blushing brides.

Fox & Rose is loving the look!

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One Response to Big is Beautiful

  1. These knickers are gorgeous, I think a range of knickers in all sizes is a realistic model for every lady. Ladies who don’t own at least one pair of undesirable, huge and revolting knickers should catch up! Big knicks say: I am dressing for myself and for comfort, these are not for everyday but sometimes it is good to throw sexy to the wind and rock out big! xx

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