A Man Who Designs Lingerie?

One thing that has struck us when setting up Fox & Rose is that most of the lingerie designers are women.   So different from the fashion world, where 90% of designers are men.  It brings me on to the question; can a man create lingerie for women?  A straight man designing for a woman well that could turn out a comic disaster; cue garish red, obnoxious cut -outs and impractical on every level, apart from buoying their sordid sexual thrills.

So it came as a surprise when we glimpsed the latest Lingerie Collective poster, featuring a set by Yes Master, whose designer, is yes, a man.

We’re not sure about the designer’s sexual orientation and despite the suggestive name, the designs appear to be refined, sophisticated and distinctly fashion led.  The set featured on the ‘Lingerie Collective’s’poster, has a definite art deco feel, similar to the New York designer Ari Dein, who is designing some supremely beautiful Deco inspired pieces also.

So a lone man in the world of lingerie we will keep you posted………

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