Our breasts are getting bigger, really?

Recently we’ve been reading that women’s breasts are getting bigger.   Apparently they have increased a couple of cup sizes since our mother’s generation.  This seismic shift in the breast department has been accounted for by our change in diet, we are getting fatter, the contraceptive pill and so on.  Yet it could be suggested that the real change has occurred because women are being measured by different standards.   If our grandmothers had been measured by Bravissimo’s standards there probably wouldn’t be such a disparity between generational changes in breast size.  Let us explain.

Here at Fox & Rose in an effort to understand fit, we have scoured the length and breadth of the country trying to understand how to measure your bust size.   The conservative way is to take your back measurement underneath your bust, add 3 inches if the number is odd and four if the number is even.  Then wrap the tap measure around the fullest part of your bust and subtract the numbers.    Each number left equates to a cup size, hence if you are left with 4 inches this will make you a d cup.  Simple.

However, at the other end of the spectrum we have retailers such as Bravissimo who don’t use a tape measure, rather they measure by assessing the bra you are currently wearing and pick a bra for you that corrects any faults with your existing bra.   When we were fitted, a band size about two sizes smaller than our normal measurement was offered meaning that our cup size miraculously jumped by two cups.  Magic, or cynical ploy by a retailer who specializes in larger cup sizes to convince it’s customers with average breasts into believing that they have sprouted Jordan style boobs.  I guess it’s flattering to think you are small backed with large breasts but it has made buying a bra now fraught with problem’s as there is no universal standard to measure our breasts.

So what are we to do?  Well I think a middle ground has to be reached.   Of course measuring sans a tape measure like Bravissimo, or Rigby & Peller is fine in experienced hands.  There are those blessed with the almost supernatural power to size your breasts up as soon as you disrobe, but in inexperienced hands the results can be catastrophic and cruelly disheartening to anyone who has ever bought a woefully fitting bra.

Here at Fox & Rose we are still honing our measuring guides taking into account all the research that we have done but any advice would be greatly welcome.

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