Underwear As Outerwear Hardly New

This season we’ve seen lots of lingerie inspired trends, the whole lingerie as outerwear theme that has dominated the magazines, ruled the catwalk and slowly seems to be seeping down to the layperson.  However, whilst this trend has dominated the headlines, it’s hardly new.    Looking back over the fashion archives it’s clear that some of the most eminent designers of our times have created lingerie inspired looks.  Theirry Mugler’s bionic woman of the 80’s, in almost metallic corsetry, Dolce & Gabbana’s sultry Italian matriarchal figure and in more recent times McQueen’s sculpted, manipulated silhouettes.

In terms of lingerie inspired fashion trends it’s not just strict corsetry that has provided influence.  Scalloped lacing, nude tones, silky satins and delicate detailing have injected themselves into mainstream fashion.  Think about the plethora of wispy camisoles, sometimes worn underneath, but now brazenly flaunted in their full glory.    Stella McCartney the queen of subdued color has always had lingerie inspired elements in her collections, maybe it was her love of it that inspired her eponymous lingerie line.

The whole underwear as outwear can also be seen in the wider context, buoyed up by the wider trend in all things retro and vintage.   50’s inspired silhouettes require perfect undergarment’s cue labels such as What Katie Did Next, or the supremely sexy shapewear by Made By Niki.   The 80’s look, well look no further than American Apparel, fusing lycra, streetwear and what some might describe as underwear.  These prodigious brands seem firmly embedded in our consciousness and will outstay any passing fad or trend.

Stella McCartney’s lingerie line: the lightly padded Clara Whispering contour bra:

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