The Real Women Debate: Realism or Cheap Marketing Shot

Lingerie label Ultimo announced last week it was using “Real Women” in the advertising campaign for it’s new dress collection. Feedback on the move has been mixed, with comments flying about the pros and cons of using real women as part of an advertising campaign.

The Guardian’s Laura Barton is not impressed, “you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t burst into applause for Ultimo’s campaign. Because if there’s one thing that makes my heart sink almost as much as ludicrously photoshopped picture of a gaunt semi-naked half-child model, it is a company’s devious efforts to convince you to buy their products by using real women. Cf Dove adverts passim. Women, do not fall for it; in advertising terms, this is surely the very cheapest kind of chatup line.”

via The view from a broad | Life and style | The Guardian.

However a comment from the Huffington Post asks the question: will lingerie be next? Creating a marketing campaign for lingerie is no easy feat, especially in the choice of model to shoot the campaign. Size, for example, is forever a hotly debated topic. Fox & Rose has been busily studying the model books for who we think best depicts our look. We’ll be shooting our full launch collection in the next few weeks so watch this space for some sneak peeks!

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