A Secret Beneath

Women’s relationship with lingerie is a complicated yet precious one. Most can remember their first bra, probably a surly number, functional and let’s admit frankly embarrassing. But the relationship can blossom into a beautiful one, for myself the possibility of wearing something sensual, maybe a little naughty, underneath what can sometimes appear somber attire is enough to elevate my mood.

I remember reading an article a while back, that talked about how women in high powered jobs delighted in wearing particularly racy pieces under their austere suits. I can understand the thought behind it, after all even in the most male dominated of world’s a woman can privately hold on to a feeling of femininity and sensuality.

Lingerie is not something that can not be seen outwardly, excluding the whole underwear/outwear trend, but it is the feeling that it evokes between itself and the wearer. I’ll never forget the memories of putting on my first truly luxury set, up until this point I had clearly been a Marks and Spencer’s girl, however the effect was truly transformative. The luscious silk, the perfect fit, and the knowledge that I was wearing something truly special has made me never want to return to the depressing offerings that are often paraded as lingerie.

The feeling of wanting to impart the feeling of luxury to our customers is something that truly determines our buying. The silk internal padding on Else’s signature padded bra is a case in point, it is this little extra detail which makes it so soft against the skin and makes you wonder why all designers don’t add this delicious little detail.

Fifi Chachnil’s wide silk straps, combined with the elasticity at the front of the bra make you feel that you are wearing nothing at all, yet it gives the most wonderful shape. The feeling of her silk pants, well that’s something you will just have to try, and maybe a little to erotic for me to start talking about here.

So for any lingerie skeptics out there, I hope I have gone someway to help converting you. The secret beneath is really delicious and I really urge you to give it a try.

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