Harlette’s Vintage Glamour Shoot – Lingerie-buyer

Harlette’s Vintage Glamour Shoot

Lingerie brand Harlette, which debuted in Paris in January 2010, has released behind-the-scenes footage of its high-glamour shoot, which took place aboard 1874 Tallship the James Craig.

The shoot included 2008 Miss World Runner Sonia Lipski and was covered by high-profile press such as CNN and the Wall St Journal. The photos aim to showcase the decadent style of Harlette’s new collection to consumers.

Naomi McGill – the creator of the brand – has produced lingerie nostalgic for old world Hollywood. The collection includes housecoats, glamour gowns, corsets, torsolettes, caplettes and slips in addition to lingerie and utilises embellishments such as diamonds, feathers, different fabrics and classic feminine colours.

Recently, McGill was invited to Saudi Arabia to conduct the country’s first art of selling lingerie class to assist a world-publicised campaign to change male only sale assistants to include female sales assistants to sell lingerie.

via Harlette’s Vintage Glamour Shoot – Lingerie-buyer.

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