Our journey begins…

…well, actually we’ve been working away now for a couple of months but the Fox & Rose concept has really started to take shape.

What, I hear you asking, is Fox & Rose?

We’re a new concept in luxury lingerie and designer intimate apparel. With a flagship store opening soon in Brighton and our website launching at the same time (fingers crossed for end of August / early September), we are aiming to be the antithesis of the erotic boutique for lingerie buying.

We have quite a story to tell, which we will do so via our blog, so stay tuned for the latest news on our progress.

This week is panning out to be quite a marathon! The highlight will most certainly be our launch collection photoshoot on Wednesday in Home House, London. We’ve managed to pull in a few favours here and there and are DELIGHTED that Andrew Woffinden will be taking the shots (www.woffinden.com). Edgy, raw and a rising star in the UK fashion photography world, Andrew shot the recent Reiss campaign. We can’t wait to see what he does with our brand!

Leona Sigrist will be modelling (one of Elite Model’s faces to watch) and Tilly Hardy (www.tillyhardy.com) will be styling.

We’ll be posting some of the images here so stay tuned!


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