Be My Valentine!

Be My Valentine!

February the 14th, Valentine’s Day, a day that is considered all around the world as the most romantic day of the year. Ever since the 18th Century lovers have expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards but why not make this Valentine’s one to remember with a gift of beautifully alluring lingerie to get the heart racing?

And if you’re are a gentleman who dreads buying lingerie at this time of year, then never fear we have our Gentleman’s Guide to Lingerie Gift Buying to hand to help you pick the perfect present.


Valentine’s is a great excuse to try something different and if your lover is someone who can’t help but seduce you with their lingerie then try something ultra sexy in sheer lace, enticing satin and teasing detailing.

Playful Promises Jackie Collection Aphrodite Lace Corset Knicker by Damaris
 Embrace your inner feline with the Playful Promises Jackie bra, brief and classic suspender belt in a wild and feisty leopard print and sheer black mesh with matching black satin detailing. Try the daring Damaris Aphrodite corset knickers in a bubblegum pink lace and orange criss cross tie design across the derriere and team them with the Aphrodite ‘V’ bra for a bright and truly seductive look.
Chocolate Chip Star Knicker by Mimi Holliday Bisou Azure Ruched Suspender by Mimi Holliday
 The revealing Mimi Holliday Chocolate Chip star knickers will leave little to the imagination, yet are comfortable enough to wear everyday. Team with matching suspender belt and either the triangle bra, comfort bra or shoulder bra. Bring out their sensual side with the Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou comfort bra, ruched suspender belt and knickers.  Styled in a bright azure silk satin and trimmed with black scalloped lace, this is both highly luxurious and temptingly flirtatious.


For those who prefer the finer things in life, treat your valentine to pieces made from pure silk, vintage tulle and luxurious Leavers lace. It’s all about creating a look that is both elegant and extravagant.

Seduce Me Gown by Shell Belle Couture Clara Whispering Balconnet Bra by Stella McCartney
Allow her to ooze elegance and opulence in the Shell Belle Coutrue Seduce Me Gown. Designed in vintage spot tulle and French Leavers lace, it is crafted to give the body a sheer layer of seductive luxury. For a classic, yet sumptuous lingerie set why not opt for the Clara Whispering balconnet bra and bikini brief by Stella McCartney? Crafted in a bright amethyst silk and trimmed with Leavers lace.
pleasing-soire-shorts Stephanie Silk Soft Bra by Ayten Gasson
Let her be seductive in the Shell Belle Couture Soire Shorty in pink silk crepe de chine and appliquéd at the front with French leavers lace. Team it with the matching Pleasing Bra and Room Service Kimono for an exquisitely timeless look. The gorgeous non wired, soft cup Stephanie bra and knickers by Ayten Gasson are made from the finest rose silk combined with gorgeous English lace to produce a delicate and sensuous lingerie set perfect for any boudoir.


For those with a romantic side go for delicate and pretty detailing that is both feminine and coquettish. Softly coloured silks and satins in ivory, pinks, blues and purples should be teamed with floral lace and subtle finishes.

Oyster Whippy Babydoll by Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou L’Amour High Waisted Knicker by Mimi Holliday
The Oyster Whippy Babydoll by Mimi Holliday in ice pink silk satin is beautifully trimmed with silver lace to create a seductive, yet angelic look. Team with the Oyster Whippy Frilly Boy Short for a truly irresistible set. The Bisou Bisou L’Amour high waisted knicker and padded bra are created in coral coloured silk satin and peach scalloped lace detailing. The bra creates incredible lift and shape whilst the knickers create a full, yet at times revealing covering.
Scarlett Weaving Bodysuit by Stella McCartney Clementine Tanga Brief by Shell Belle Couture
 Created in luxurious violet Japanese Leavers lace, which features an oversized rose design, the Scarlett Weaving Bodysuit by Stella McCartney truly is a unique and intriguing piece of lingerie. The Shell Belle Couture Clementine Bra and Tanga Brief create a beautifully feminine coquettish look with their cream silk and French Leavers lace. Both attract the eye with their teasing open backs.
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New Lingerie Designers at Fox and Rose

New Designers at Fox and Rose

We’re always excited to introduce you to new designers who come on board at Fox and Rose and this time we’ve not just got one for you to enjoy, but two. We would like to welcome to Fox and Rose, Ayten Gasson and Les Jupons De Tess.

Ayten Gasson

Independent lingerie brand, Ayten Gasson, are based in the UK and are renowned for their ethical sourcing of fabrics and trimmings, as well as their traditional manufacturing techniques. Designer Ayten Roberts, who comes from a long line of seamstresses, launched her label with the help of the Prince’s Trust and uses peace silk, recycled vintage fabrics and lace trims from the old lace mills in Nottingham. Her designs are truly luxurious, with a nod to times gone by, and each piece has a real handcrafted feel about it.

Stephanie Silk Slip by Ayten Gasson

The Stephanie Silk Slip is a stunning piece of nightwear created with a circle skirt body section that drapes perfectly over your curves. Designed in the finest rose pink silk, and black English made lace for the triangle cups, it fastens loosely at the back with two black ribbon ties.

Stephanie Silk Knickers by Ayten Gasson

The matching Stephanie Silk Soft Bra is more supportive than it looks, even without any wiring. Designed in the same rose pink silk, it features soft cups of black English made lace which can stretch to accommodate a slightly larger bust. The Stephanie Silk Knickers are a classic style brief which feature an appliqué of black lace on the back and the same oversize ribbon which appear on all of the Stephanie pieces at the front.

Ann Long Silk Nighty by Ayten Gasson

For the ultimate indulgence in luxurious nightwear this beautiful Ann Long Silk Nighty makes the perfect gift for any age range. The fine navy silk is trimmed with hand dyed vintage Nottingham lace to create a unique and special garment. It is finished at the back with black ribbon ties and the adjustable straps have delicate gold detailing to them. This can be worn with the matching Ann Knickers to complete the look.

Julia Silk Babydoll by Ayten Gasson

Based on the Stephanie Slip, the Julia Silk Babydoll features the same style circle skirt body section which then falls to the hip and is left open at the front. This creates a seductive front fastening that ties just underneath the bust with a single ribbon tie. Made from the finest black silk and English made lace, it is worn here with the Ayten Gasson classic Julia Silk Ruffle Knickers.

Julia Open Back Knicker by Ayten Gasson

These sexy Julia Open Back Knicker are a more risqué version of the Ayten Gasson classic brief. Designed in opaque black silk at the front, the back reveals a little more with its matching black English lace panels and open section to tantalisingly reveal your ‘bum cleavage’! This can be matched with the Julia Silk Babydoll, as well as any of the Stephanie range pieces.

Les Jupons De Tess

Parisian based label Les Jupons de Tess has become a symbol of luxury lingerie in France. Combining inspiration from boudoirs of the 18th century to the cabarets of the 1920s, it is both seductive and romantic. Using materials such as Chantilly Leavers lace and draped silk tulle, each piece has a twist of modernity as well as sensual softness that creates something truly unique. Designer Caroline Tannous, the granddaughter of Lebanese painter Georges Guv, is very much influenced by her artisan upbringing and invokes the feeling of bohemian frivolity into all her designs.

Privee Chemise by Les Jupons de Tess

Made entirely from fine mesh, the Privee Chemise is both sexy and feminine. It features wide panels of black down both the centre front and back and is complimented with dusky pink rouching on either side. The pink cups feature a black Chantilly lace trim which follows the contours of their triangular shape and the same trim also finishes the seams between the body panels.

Privee High Waisted Brief by Les Jupons de Tess

The sheer Privee Underwired Bra features cups of black and pink panelled mesh and are trimmed across the bust with a delicate matching ruffle. The underband is made from two layers of pink on top of black, created for extra support as well an unusual colour feature at the front. The matching Privee High Waisted Brief is styled exactly the same as the Privee Chemise with panels of black mesh at the front and back and ruched pink mesh to the sides. The joining seams are trimmed with black Chantilly lace and feature plastic boning to help mould the garment to your figure.

Privee Thong by Les Jupons de Tess

The Privee Thong can be matched with both the Privee Underwired Bra and Privee Chemise. It features small triangles of pink mesh overlaid with a layer of black at the front and back which are held in place with a band of dusky pink ruffles that sit around the hips.

Les Extravagantes Chemise by Les Jupons de Tess

Looking like it has survived from the Parisian nightclubs of the 1920s, the Les Extravagantes Chemise is an exquisite example of fine French lingerie at its best. Styled in horizontal panels of luxurious fine pink chiffon, wide French pink lace and black silk, it creates an effortless shape that can be worn full length or pulled up onto the hips to create a blouson style top section. It is finished with fine black velvet adjustable shoulder straps.

Pink and Black Les Extravagantes Open Back Briefs by Les Jupons de Tess

Cut similarly to the Ayten Gasson open back knicker, the Pink and Black Les Extravagantes Open Back Briefs add a little bit of risqué to the collection. Featuring an opaque black silk front, the back is made in wide panels of French pink lace that create a triangular opening across the top of the derriere which is held together with a wide black elastic waistband. They’re styled with a string of diamanté and pearl decoration to the centre front to give a truly luxurious finish and are also available completely in black.

So, what do think of our new designers? Which is your favourite piece?

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8 New Year’s Lingerie Resolutions To Stick To

New Year's Lingerie Resolutions

Whether we actually say it out loud or not we all make resolutions or goals for the new year. These could be something as common as giving up drinking for a month or something more personal like making sure you spend more time taking care of your family. But one thing we always think about when making ours at Fox and Rose, of course, is lingerie! So, here are my 8 New Year’s lingerie resolutions that I am definitely going to stick to.

Have a clear out

Throw out lingerie

I’m a terrible hoarder, particularly when it comes to clothes. I’m always really scared of throwing something out just in case I may need it in the future! I’m the same with lingerie, keeping a pair of knickers that have a hole in them, and don’t match any of my bras, just because they’re comfortable to wear with a particular pair of jeans.

Having a clear out and making sure I get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, is falling apart or just don’t go with anything else is going to be my first project of the year and, as hard as it will be, I know it’ll be very satisfying to do. I won’t just throw it in the bin and leave it to go into landfill, though, as there are so many ways you can recycle unwanted lingerie these days.

Stop putting ‘hand wash only’ lingerie into the machine

Hand wash lingerie

I’m terrible for looking at a label, seeing it says ‘Hand wash with care’ and thinking ‘oh, I’ll just stick it the machine this one time’. Then, of course, the next time I think it’s okay to put it through the machine again because it ‘survived’ the last time. I have a few pairs of knickers I do this with and, it’s true, they haven’t fallen apart but the heat has discoloured them so much that they don’t match the bra and suspender belt anymore which really irritates me.

This year I vow to stop doing this.

I know I will still machine wash those pieces that say they can be treated that way, even though I know they’ll last longer if I wash them by hand, but I just don’t have the time and that’s okay.

Buy what fits regardless of the size on the label

Sizing tags

I hate sizing labels. I know they’re necessary but you can go into one clothes shop try on a size 12 pair of jeans and they’re too tight. You can then walk into another shop, try on a pair of size 10 jeans and they are too big. This can be the same with lingerie brands and, although, I will always go for ‘my size’ to start with, from now on I am going to make sure I take no notice of what size the label is telling me.

If a pair of size 14 knickers fit me, feel comfortable and make me look good I’m not going to suddenly think I’ve put on a huge amount of weight and buy the size 12 just to make myself feel better.

Stop saving my favourite lingerie for special occasions

Pleasing Soire Shorty and Bra by Shell Belle Couture

I’m a huge offender of doing this. I bought myself a beautiful navy blue Leaver’s lace set in the January sales last year (it was reduced from £300 down to £95, what a bargain!) and I still haven’t worn it because I’ve been saving it for that ‘perfect’ outing.

The problem is that whenever I do go out on a special occasion I end up wearing something that I feel comfortable in, worried that my ‘special’ lingerie might let me down in some way. How will I ever know if I never wear it? Therefore, in my eyes, from now on the idea of special occasion lingerie doesn’t exist!

Buy all of the matching lingerie pieces at the same time

Minnie Sipping Suspender Belt by Stella McCartney

So many times in the past I have purchased the bra and knickers as part of a set but haven’t bought the matching suspender belt at the same time. Then I regret it later when I go back at a later date to buy it and it’s no longer in stock!

Towards the end of last year I started to make sure I always bought the whole set at the same time and I am going to make sure I stick to it this year. It may cost a little more all at once, but at least I won’t be crying into my cereal in the morning when I want to wear stockings with my new favourite set.

Experiment with new brands and styles

Chocolate Chip Shoulder Bra by Mimi Holliday

We all have our favourite brands and styles that we tend to stick to but sometimes it good to try something different because, you never know, you may just be missing out on that perfect piece of lingerie.

I am definitely guilty of this but having worked on the Fox and Rose blog for nearly a year now I’ve been introduced a whole world of different brands I’ve never tried, so it’s time to do some experimenting. One style I definitely want to try is the Mimi Holliday shoulder bra. Being a larger bust sized girl I’ve always shied away from this style, thinking it won’t support me, but knowing the way they make their bras, I’m sure I’ll be proved wrong.

Wear more colour

Red L'Honorable Collection by Rosy

I have to say I’m terrible at choosing coloured underwear. I love black as well as peach or pink as a more nude colour but rarely go for full on, brightly coloured lingerie and I honestly have no idea what’s holding me back. With so many brands bringing out such beautiful pieces in amazing colours, like the Stella McCartney Clara Whispering collection and Rosy’s Red L’Honorable collection I really have no excuse. So, it’s time to be brave and bring on the brights!

Wear attractive sleepwear

Copen Blue Selma Dancing Chemise by Stella McCartney

It’s so easy to grab those flannel pyjamas or t-shirt and leggings and slob around on the sofa in the evening, particularly in this cold weather, but it doesn’t exactly boost the confidence, now does it? Even if you’re a single gal like me, sliding on a beautiful silk nightgown or satin camisole and shorts has got to do more for the self-love than that cartoon print onesie with the holes in it, hasn’t it?

Therefore I’m going to treat myself to some grown up, breathtakingly sexy and thoroughly luxurious nightwear that I can swish about the house in every evening, pretending that I’m some kind of beautiful goddess and I’m sure my January blues will be out the door in a second.

Have you made any New Year’s lingerie resolutions?

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The Fox and Rose Red Spot Lingerie Clearance

salesalFox and Rose Clearance Sale

The Fox & Rose clearance category is an all-year-round selection of items that are offered with generous discounts to clear our stocks (so we can bring you lots of lovely new pieces!) and once an item is on clearance it will stay on clearance until the stock runs out.

To start 2015 with a bang we’ve been adding lots stunning lingerie to our Clearance categories so you can grab yourself a fantastic bargain (or even two!) to kick off your lingerie year. And we’ll be adding more amazing savings over the coming days too, so don’t forget to keep checking back or you might just miss out!


If you’re a fan of Rosy’s silhouette emphasising luxury lingerie, then you’ll be very happy to know that there is quite an abundance of their pieces within our Clearance. Make sure you don’t miss out because when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Epicurienne Underwired Bra by Rosy L'Artiste Deep Briefs with Suspenders by Rosy Raisin La Precieuse Basque by Rosy
Epicurienne Underwired Bra by Rosy
Was: £37.50 / Now: £18.00
Matching thong and brief available
L’Artiste Deep Briefs with Suspenders by Rosy
Was: £33.50 / Now: £22.00
Matching padded bra available
Raisin La Precieuse Basque by Rosy
Was: £55.00 / Now: £25.00
Also available in Caramel

Stella McCartney

The highly coveted Stella McCartney lingerie has been incredibly popular over the last few months but we still have a great selection to offer you through our Red Spot Clearance. Now is the time to snap up genuinely beautiful intimates at a bargain price.

Laura Pottering Bustier by Stella McCartney Fiona Popping Chemise by Stella McCartney Selma Dancing Hortensia Soft Cup Bra by Stella McCartney
Laura Pottering Bustier by Stella McCartney
Was: £65.00 / Now: £30.00
Matching brief also available
Fiona Popping Chemise by Stella McCartney
Was: £75.00 / Now: £35.00
Matching shorts also available
Selma Dancing Hortensia Bra by Stella McCartney
Was: £95.00 / Now: £45.00
Matching bikini brief also available

Studio La Perla

The Studio La Perla’s classic contemporary designs are the epitome of Italian luxury style. We’re featuring both their lingerie and swimwear in our Clearance sale so we’re sure you’ll find something to indulge in.

Lipstick Fever Balcony Bra by Studio La Perla Charming Flowers Suspender Belt by Studio La Perla Zanzibar Bikini by Studio La Perla
Lipstick Fever Balcony Bra by Studio La Perla
Was: £87.00 / Now: £56.00
Matching briefs also available
Charming Flowers Suspender Belt by Studio La Perla
Was: £58.00 / Now: £37.00
Matching bra and brief available
Zanzibar Bikini by Studio La Perla
Was: £120.00 / Now: £60.00


Whilst you’re thinking about booking that dream summer holiday, why not take a look at the gorgeous Mouille swimwear we have to offer in our New Year Clearance? After all you don’t want to be panicking at the last minute about not looking super stylish on the beach!

Chloe Frill Bikini Top by Mouille Morokko Swimsuit by Mouille Wrap Bikini Top by Mouille
Chloe Frill Bikini Top by Mouille
Was: £60.00 / Now: £30.00
Matching bottoms available
Morokko Swimsuit by Mouille
Was: £120.00 / Now: £60.00
Wrap Bikini Top by Mouille
Was: £60.00 / Now: £30.00
Matching bottoms available

Kiss Me Deadly

The retro glamour of Kiss Me Deadly has well and truly taken hold of our newest venture Fox and Rose Vintage. Why not check out our Clearance area on here too and treat your inner Hollywood goddess to something special?

Pink Alouette Cincher by Kiss Me Deadly Entwined Longline Girdle by Kiss Me Deadly Emerald DeVille Suspender Skirt by Kiss Me Deadly
Pink Alouette Cincher by Kiss Me Deadly
Was: £48.00 / Now: £33.60
Matching bra and brief available
Entwined Longline Girdle by Kiss Me Deadly
Was: £50.00 / Now: £35.00
Emerald DeVille Suspender Skirt by Kiss Me Deadly
Was: £79.00 / Now: £38.00
Matching bra and brief available
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What A Year!


Merry Christmas!

2014 has been an amazing year at Fox and Rose, not only have we seen a new owner at the helm but we’ve also had some truly stunning lingerie pass through our doors to offer to you, our lovely customers. We’ve grown from strength to strength and are now looking forward to a well-deserved rest over the Christmas period but are very excited for what’s to come in 2015.

Karen Norman at Fox and Rose

In January, Fox and Rose was bought by Karen Norman, the owner of the long-established Joanna’s Wardrobe, who knew from the moment she was approached about taking over the business that this was something she had been dreaming about doing. Having built up Joanna’s Wardrobe from scratch in 2008, Karen had a lot of experience in running a successful lingerie online retailer and has ploughed all of this knowledge into making Fox and Rose into a really exciting and accessible place to shop for luxury intimates.

Purple Elle Robe by Kiss Me Deadly

Karen also brought over the ever popular indie brand Kiss Me Deadly from Joanna’s Wardrobe who, although have a retro feel to their designs, appeal to many very loyal fans and she just knew that Fox and Rose’s customers would fall in love with them too.

Fox and Rose lingerie blog

In April, I joined the team (sorry, no photo!) to bring you all of the latest Fox and Rose news, as well as lingerie based tips, trends and advice each week with our regular blog posts. We’ve covered both the Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter trends, shown off our favourite brands such as Shell Belle Couture and Vollers, as well as introducing you to the 5 best UK based lingerie blogs and the 5 best US & Canada based lingerie blogs to follow.

Fox and Rose lingerie photoshoot

During the early summer months we were hard at work getting ready to launch our new Autumn / Winter 2014 range and were so pleased to be able to do our very own photoshoot with some of the most glorious lingerie pieces from Mimi Holliday, Stella McCartney and Rosy. Set in luxurious surroundings, with our beautiful model Emelie Sternman, make-up artist and photographer we shot some truly glamorous photos and we were so excited, we just couldn’t wait to give you a glimpse behind the scenes.

Just Married silk knickers by Ell & Cee

We also did a series of posts for all those of you who were getting married whilst we actually had some decent weather for once.  Focusing on those oh-so important foundation garments on the big day itself with our Under the Wedding Dress post to the most glamorous lingerie and loungewear pieces we all, one day, desire to take with us on our honeymoon. We weren’t jealous at all!

Betty Noir PhotographyPhoto credit: Betty Noir Photography

At the beginning of October we launched our Christmas season, starting with our Getting Ready for Christmas – Boudoir Photography post. Giving your partner a beautiful intimate gift of you posing, very demurely of course, in a boudoir setting has become more and more popular and we wanted to make sure you truly shone during yours, so we put together our own tips and experiences for making sure you got as much as you could out of your shoot.

Towards the end of the year we were very honoured to be nominated for the lingerie online retailer of the year award by the UK Lingerie Awards. We made it to the finals and were up against Coco Bay, Figleaves and Simply Beach and we felt so priviledged to be included alongside some truly amazing and well-established shops. Unfortunately we didn’t win, that particular honour went to Simply Beach, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for next year!

Fox and Rose Christmas Countdown

This was closely followed by our Christmas Countdown where we offer different discounts every few days on all of our lovely lingerie. This year we’ve also been offering you 15% off the Rosy range, which can still be taken advantage of right up until the 23rd of December, as well as 20% off the exclusive Claret Cherie Teddy from Kiss Me Deadly which finishes today (21st December).

All of our standard shipping dates have now passed for guaranteed Christmas delivery but you can still place your order with us and by selecting the Next Day option during checkout, up to and including the 23rd of December, we will make sure it gets to you in time.

Finally, we would like to thank each and every one of you, our wonderful customers, for giving us a fantastic 2014 and we want to wish you a very merry Christmas and hope you have an amazing new year. See you all in 2015!

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas (or Gift Hints!)

Last minute Christmas gift ideas

Every year I tell myself I’m completely prepared for Christmas, then I relax and don’t get stressed out by any of it. However, about half way through December (right about now!) I suddenly realise I’ve done nothing but put the tree up. I have tons of presents left to buy, as well as putting them in the post. I haven’t bought any food, despite having all the family coming around, and I’m seriously panicking! This is when the random impulse buying starts.

Never fear, though, if you’re like me sit down, pour yourself a mulled wine and take a deep breath. Feeling better? Good, now have a look through our last minute Christmas gift ideas guide to make sure you choose something a whole lot better than that hilarious novelty Christmas jumper you’ve got your eye on.


Babydolls, nightgowns and teddies are always a safe bet if you want to buy something special that’s still as seductive as lingerie. You won’t have to worry about getting the correct bra size and then choosing the matching items, all you’ll need is the recipient’s dress size. Simple.

Oyster Whippy Babydoll by Mimi Holliday

The Oyster Whippy Babydoll by Mimi Holliday is about as feminine as you can get. Created in an ice pink silk satin and silver lace trim, this soft, ethereal babydoll is a clever combination of highly seductive and angelic innocence. Team with the Oyster Whippy Frilly Boy Short for a truly irresistible set. Even better, if you purchase it between the 18th and 20th of December you’ll receive 15% off!

Seduce Me Gown by Shell Belle Couture

Featured in the TV show ‘The Bridge’, the Seduce Me Gown by Shell Belle Couture conjures up a time of ultimate glamour. Styled in a 1930s inspired design, this nightgown is crafted in vintage spot tulle and appliquéd with exquisite French leavers lace. Available in both black and ivory, this is the height of luxury elegance.

Claret Cherie Teddy by Kiss Me Deadly

Available until the 21st of December with 20% off, the Claret Cherie Teddy by Kiss Me Deadly was made exclusively for Fox and Rose and its sister site Joanna’s Wardrobe, so you won’t find this anywhere else. Designed from an original vintage piece, this teddy is cute, playful and flirty and would be perfect for any wannabe pin-up.

Stocking Fillers

We all love those little presents that fit neatly into a stocking hanging over the fireplace but this year why not purchase a little piece of luxury to add to your special lady’s on Christmas Eve? And, of course, she’ll love this so much more than a chocolate orange and a bag of chestnuts!

Ivory Eyemask by Fred & Ginger

The Ivory Eyemask by Fred and Ginger is so glamorous even the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly would’ve loved to have received this on Christmas morning. Made in 100% silk and padded for extra comfort to the eyes, it is trimmed with matching Chantilly lace to create a truly indulgent treat.

Maison Close Stockings

Maison Close are renowned for their French luxury erotic styled lingerie and accessories and their stockings certainly live up to this reputation. Their Sheer Cut & Curled Stockings are designed in a way that was popular during the brothel explosion of the 1800s in Paris where there is no welt across the top, the edge is left sheer and is curled over to stop it fraying.

Pleasing Suspender Brief by Shell Belle Couture

The Pleasing Suspender Brief by Shell Belle Couture, available in black or ivory, is the ultimate luxury stocking filler. Designed in silk crepe de chine and appliqued with French leavers lace on the front and sheer spot tulle on the back for a cheeky surprise! Decorated at the front with matching ribbon bows and finished with detachable silk suspender clips.

For Him

Did you know we do men’s underwear as well as women’s? Max Holliday is the perfect brother to Mimi and we have a fantastic selection of their quintessentially British designs for you to buy for the man in your life. And, if you purchase any from this collection between the 21st and 23rd of December you will receive 20% off their full price.

The Catherine by Max Holliday

The Catherine Boxers by Max Holliday are made in a fresh, spring-like Liberty print cotton which is contrasted by the bright pink lining. Finished with a single button closure, their signature embroidered heart at the bottom of the fly and a deep purple satin inner waistband. Let your man indulge his feminine side with these classically cut, beautifully floral shorts.

The Emmie by Max Holliday

From a distance the Emmie Boxers by Max Holliday look like a classic pair of dark blue shorts, however, get up close and you can see the intricate detailing of their Oriental design of elephants, palm trees and florals. Lined in an elegant navy polka dot cotton and finished with a opulent green silk inner waistband, they feature the signature embroidered heart at the fly and the MAX logo on the leg.

The Pops by Max Holliday

For something much more vibrant, the Pops Boxers by Max Holliday combine the colour of the 1970s with an elegant, gentlemanly design of pinstripe in tangerine and white. Made in 100% cotton and trimmed with a matching polka dot lining, these feature a silk satin inner waistband in mustard and the signature one button closure and embroidered heart at the fly.

Don’t Leave It Too Late

Today – Saturday 13th December – is the last day you can place an order for delivery in western Europe to receive it by Christmas. Unfortunately, for those of your further afield it is now too late to guarantee your delivery.

However, UK customers can still place their orders right up until the 23rd to be able to receive them in time to place them under the tree. Please see our delivery options below for UK only to make sure you get yours in time.

Fri 19th December – Special Delivery™ with Saturday Guarantee
Sat 20th December – First Class and Recorded Signed For™
Tues 23rd December – Special Delivery™ (Next Day)

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A Gentleman’s Guide to Lingerie Gift Buying

A Gentleman's Guide to Lingerie Gift Buying

At Fox and Rose we know that finding the perfect lingerie gift can be tricky, especially with all those sizes, colours and styles to choose from. It can be even harder as a gentleman who really wants to impress the lovely lady in his life with something that both he and she will love. Never fear, just follow our lingerie gift buying guide and we’re sure you’ll be the most popular boyfriend/fiancé/husband on Christmas morning!

What’s Her Size?

Know Her Size

If you don’t know it already then somehow you will need to find out her size before even attempting to purchase anything. Don’t just guess, no woman wants to receive lingerie that is way too big or too small. There are several easy ways you can find out, so there’s no excuse.

  1. If you’re not worried about spoiling the surprise just ask her, or be more subtle by working it into a casual conversation.
  2. Take a sneaky peek inside her lingerie drawer but, be warned, she may cut all the labels out.
  3. Ask her best friend. This is the one woman in her life that is most likely to know and she may even give you tips of what brands or styles that are best to go for. If you’re embarrassed about asking in person, send her a text or an email. And you can bet your life this will win brownie points with the bestie!

Remember, you’ll need her bra size, a number and letter(s), and her dress size, a number, for knickers and nightwear. Every product on Fox and Rose has a sizing section within the information details, so you can always be sure of choosing the correct one.

What Are Her Favourite Colours?

Bra Colours

Every woman knows what she likes and doesn’t like when it comes to choosing her favourite lingerie colours. Have a quick look in her lingerie drawer and you’re bound to see a dominance of one particular shade. Alternatively take note of what colours she wears a lot of in her every day dress. This can often be a big hint.

Colours say a lot about the gift you’re giving, so if you’re going for seductive then red, purple or black can be just what you’re after. If you’d rather indulge your romantic side go for something more girlie with shades of pink, cream and pastel blue. And if you’re just not sure, it’s always best to go for something classic like shades of white and nudes (a light skin tone).

Is She a Fox or a Rose?

A Fox or A Rose?

All women have two sides to their characters, the tempestuous, bold and mischievous fox and the chic, feminine and understated rose. These sides are more often than not reflected in their lingerie choices and many women veer towards one style rather than the other.

The Fox

Leaning towards the racier side of a woman’s personality, the Fox loves black and it’s her go-to colour. However, shades of hot red, peacock blue, emerald green and sumptuous purple often appear in her lingerie drawer when she feels like she needs a splash of colour. She loves the luxury of silk and satin against her skin and will often indulge in these for her every day wear. However, she will love to take it up a notch in the bedroom with bondage styling and sheer fabrics of chiffon and simple lace to tempt you into her lair. Watch out, she may bite!

Shop for your fox now »

The Rose

The softer Rose is no less alluring than her sister, she just chooses to approach everything in life in a much more subtle way. Her love of delicate pastel shades of pink, blue and purple are complimented by angelic whites and luxurious gold and silver which all feature heavily in her favourite lingerie pieces. Although she loves to wear satin, she cannot get enough of fine silks, floating chiffon and intricate lace. Feminine touches of frills, polka dots and flowing fabrics create elegance and coquettish grace without being over-the-top girlie. Treat your rose well and she’s yours forever.

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We’ve Got It All Wrapped Up

Fox and Rose packaging

Once you’ve chosen the perfect present, you’ll want it perfectly gift wrapped and we have the most beautiful Fox and Rose gift wrapping to make life easy for you. Firstly, the lingerie is carefully wrapped in our signature tissue and tied with a delicate contrasting ribbon. We then place this in a smooth and sturdy Fox and Rose box for a professional finish. All you’ll need to do then is place it under the tree!

Just choose the F&R signature packaging option when you select your delivery method during checkout.

The Low Risk Option

Fox and rose gift voucher

If you’re really not sure what to get or are scared of buying something she really won’t like then the easiest thing to do is give her gift vouchers. She will then be able to choose what she wants and you could even have fun choosing her gifts together by browsing all the wonderful lingerie on Fox and Rose.

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And As Back Up

We know occasionally things don’t go according to plan, particularly when buying presents, so we’ve extended our returns policy to cover the Christmas period and any purchases made between 12th November 2014 and 1st January 2015, inclusive, may be returned to us by 10th January 2015, so you can rest easy.

Read our full Returns Policy »

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