One Corset, Four Halloween Costumes



Next weekend the clocks go back, the evenings get darker so much quicker and the nights grow longer. It’s the perfect time of the year for the ghouls and the witches to come out to play. Yes, the spookiest time of the year is upon us and we getting all geared up for our very own Halloween party full of pumpkins, apple bobbing, cauldrons and, of course, the odd Vampire Kiss Martini! But, more importantly, what do we wear?

Halloween, let’s face it, is a time we can all dress up, add a little more humour, or even go a little bit naughtier, than we would normally do with our outfits and pretend to be someone we’re not. So, we’ve put together four oh-so-sexy Halloween outfits using just one of our fabulous Vollers’ corsets and a few accessories. What could be easier?

Essence Black Corset by Vollers

We’ve featured the Essence Black and Red Trim Corset on the blog before, mainly because it is absolutely gorgeous, but also because it is seriously seductive and can make any woman feel like a Goddess in it. Therefore, it’s the perfect corset to base our four outfits on so you too can look like like the perfect pin up witch, vampire, burlesque queen or fallen angel on All Hallow’s Eve.


Witch Halloween costume

No girl can go wrong at Halloween with a witches outfit but why not make it a little more adult friendly this year by adding a large witches hat from Jokers’ Masquerade, the Purple Elle Robe by Kiss Me Deadly, purple and black striped holdups from Party Delights and the Villa Satine Cuffs by Maison Close. Wear these with the Essence corset, a black mini skirt or shorts and some killer black heels to cast your spell on your fellow partygoers. You can even pick up an old broom to fly away on at the end of the night.


Vampire Halloween costume

Bring out your dark side with a sultry vampire costume and sashay your way into any spine-chilling party. The Essence corset will make the perfect accompaniment to a pair of your own custom made fangs from Angels Fancy Dress, the Black Elle Robe by Kiss Me Deadly (a very unique vampire’s cape) and the body-skimming Control Mini Skirt by Rosy. And don’t forget to add a trickle of fake blood, also from Angels Fancy Dress, from the corner of your mouth to make people wonder who you’ve been sinking your teeth into.


Burlesque Halloween costume

What could be sexier than a burlesque costume? Think Christina Aguilera and P!nk in the Lady Marmalade video rather than the sort of thing you’d wear to a burlesque hen do. The Essence corset is the perfect starting point for any burlesque costume, but team it with the scarlet red Lisbeth Suspender Belt by Marlies Dekkers, a mini glitter top hat and veil from Jokers’ Masquerade, the hottest striped hold ups each with a red bow from Party Delights and the Control High Waisted Brief by Rosy to make sure you’re rocking the Moulin Rouge vibe. Throw on a red feather boa and go strut your stuff!

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel Halloween costume

For a sinful fallen angel look team the Essence corset with black angel wings from Escapade, a very flirty L’Affriolante tutu suspender belt by Rosy, sheer cut & curled stockings by Maison Close and Dame de Paris Brazilian Shorts by Marlies Dekkers and, of course, there’s no need for a halo!

So, that’s us sorted but which one will you choose? Are you planning to hot things up this Halloween?

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Getting Ready for Christmas – Boudoir Photography


Betty Noir PhotographyPhoto credit: Betty Noir Photography

It’s now October and the Autumn weather has finally hit us, so dare I mention the C word. Yes, that’s right, Christmas! One great lingerie based Christmas gift you can give to your partner is a professionally taken boudoir photo of yourself. And if you want to do it for this Christmas you better get your skates on as it is becoming more and more popular every year, so you don’t want to be fighting for a slot at the beginning of December.

You don’t have to be a professional model to have a boudoir photography shoot, you just need a little confidence and reassurance from your photographer. Anyone can do it, man or woman or even a couple together. You don’t even have to do it for your significant other, why not treat yourself to a session of pampering and confidence building (you’ll be amazed by the results!)?

‘But I look awful in every photo of me’ I hear you cry. Well, we’ve got some great tips to help guide you on your day and make sure you look your best in every shot.

Iced Soul PhotographyPhoto credit: Teymur Madjderey at Icedsoul Photography

Finding Your Photographer

There are quite a number of women photographer who do these sorts of shoots but remember there are also a lot of men, so if you wouldn’t feel comfortable with a man make sure you check before booking.

Most photographers offer a preliminarily consultation to discuss your requirements. This maybe via email, telephone or face to face. Make use of this time and get to know the photographer. Ask them questions, tell them things you would like to try and get them to explain exactly how the session will work. If after this consultation you still don’t feel comfortable about something make sure you go back to them or look elsewhere.

Check with friends, ask around if anyone has done this sort of thing before and who they have used. Getting a recommendation from someone is much better than searching around for yourself. Ask to look at your friends photo(s). They may be too shy or it could be a great way of experiencing something new together.

Vixen Pinup PhotographyPhoto credit: Vixen Pinup Photography

Planning Your Session

Most people choose a theme for their photographs. This could be anything from a pin up girl to nerdy girl (think Superman t-shirt and glasses) and from Christmas to bridal. You could even take along something that belongs to your partner and build your theme around that. Do they have a favourite shirt or perhaps they’re a football fan? Or perhaps there is a certain part of your body they particularly love like your boobs, legs or even your eyes. Ask the photographer if you can do a number of shots just focused on that part of you.

The best thing is to have a look around at what other people have done (there’s plenty to look at online) and use your imagination to come up with something really special for them. Just remember to take along as much lingerie and props that relate to that theme as you can so the photographer has lots of options to choose from.

Couture Boudoir PhotographyPhoto credit: Couture Boudoir Photography

The Night Before

You will want to look your best in front of the camera so the night before it is best to make sure you’re in tip top condition. Do your usual hair removal routine. Doing this the night before means that you will be relaxed and no mishaps should happen. It also gives sensitive skin a chance to sooth any irritation overnight.

Make sure your finger and toe nails are clean and manicured so that you don’t have to rush and do this in the morning before you go or whilst you are getting ready at the shoot. You wouldn’t want your nails to not be dry as you’re putting on your beautiful lingerie, particularly if it’s bright red!

Get yourself a good nights sleep, you don’t want bags under your eyes the next day. Be careful what you eat beforehand, remember that some foods can make you bloated. Finally moisture before you go.

R VillarPhoto credit: RVillar

On The day

If you’re planning to do a few nude or nearly nude shots then it is best not to wear tight fitting clothes before you arrive and try not to wear any underwear. I know this may sound strange but you don’t want lots of imprints on your skin. Although you would probably want to build up to being in front of the lens with no clothes on, it is best to start with the nude shots first and then put your different lingerie outfits on afterwards, then you won’t have to worry about strange marks showing on the final shots.

Many photographers have their own make-up artist, but double check before you go. If they have, arrive at the studio without any make-up on but freshly moisturised. This way there won’t be a delay with you removing your make-up and you won’t risk any blotchiness from its removal.

Retro PhotostudioPhoto credit: Retro Photostudio

A good photographer will make you comfortable from the outset, giving you tips on the best way to pose and what positions would be best for you but there are always certain things you should always keep in mind for every shot.

  • Posture – remember what your Nan kept nagging you about as a child, head up (but not too high, no one wants to see up your nostrils!), shoulders back and stand up straight. These will all help to elongate your figure and make you look more elegant.
  • The booty tooch – if you watch America’s Next Top Model then you’ll know what a booty tooch is. Essentially it’s pushing your pelvis backwards to curve your spine and push out your bum. This gives your body an amazingly feminine silhouette, just remember to pull your stomach in at the same time.
  • Angles – creating interesting angles makes a more pleasing photograph than someone just standing straight on with no sense of movement. Kick up a foot, put your hand on your hip, tilt your head and think about the space angles can create between your limbs. This will give you a shot that people will want to look at.
  • Don’t forget your face – Another classic America’s Next Top Model saying is H to T which means modelling from head to toe. When you’re concentrating on all of the above it is easy to forget about your face and your thoughts and feelings can be played out in your expression. If you’re getting frustrated don’t let it show, think of your partner and how they make you feel. Use those thoughts to soften your expression and, if you feel yourself tensing up, take a break and stretch your facial muscles as this will help you to relax.

Are you feeling a little more confident now? If so, why not treat yourself to some gorgeous new lingerie to wear on your shoot so you can feel extra special on the day? And remember not to wear it at home until after you’ve given your final shot to your partner for an added surprise.

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Hosiery Care Guide: How To Avoid Having To Replace Your Favourite Pair


Laddered Stockings

Hosiery is a fine and delicate thing that needs to be looked after and cared for, not manhandled and abused. If you’re just going to grab your favourite pair from a chaotic drawer stuffed full of other clothes and shove your legs into them without much attention then they aren’t going to last very long. We want to make sure your beautiful hosiery stays beautiful and gives you joy for much longer, so we’ve created our very own care guide to help you.

Storing Your Hosiery


There are some amazing innovative hosiery storage ideas out there such as the Stoxbox (pictured above). This cute little box was invented by Danielle Ashcroft after she bought a pair of stockings, not realising she already had the exact same pair at home because they were lost in an unorganised drawer. To use, you simply insert the Stoxbox into the tights or stockings and push all of the garment into a hole, leaving the fabric stretched over the box, then stack them in a drawer.

However, this costs money and there are simpler and cheaper ways of storing your hosiery neatly and in an organised manner. The first option, and one that I find it more suitable to stockings, is keeping hold of the original packaging.  Once you’ve worn and washed them place them back in the cardboard and bag they came in and line them up in a drawer.

With tights either roll or fold each pair so they are ready to be stored neatly. Then place each one into an individual sandwich bag to keep each one separate in your drawer. Or, for a more pleasing aesthetic idea, buy some drawer dividers and separate each section to hold the same or similar colours.

Putting Your Hosiery On

Putting on stockings

Before putting on any tights or stockings it is best to add a little moisturiser to both your feet and legs. This will help to soften the skin, making sure that dry skin and calluses don’t snag against the fabric.  It will also help to keep your legs feeling smooth throughout the day.

You should also check your finger and toe nails to make sure they don’t have any sharp edges that might get caught on the finely knitted fibres. If you have long nails use hosiery gloves to make sure they don’t pierce a hole in the fabric as you are pulling them up. Also check the skin either side of the nail as this can become loose and cause snagging. Finally remove all jewellery that may come in contact with the hosiery, particularly rings.

When you are ready gather the stocking or one of the tight legs all the way down to the toe. Slip it on to the foot and smooth it over the heel. Gently work the garment up the leg, moving your hands from the front to back as you go to create a smooth finish. Don’t pull or yank at the fabric and try avoiding contact with the very tips of your nails. Trust me, it’s not fun putting a beautifully manicured nail straight through a brand new pair of stockings!

Remove the hosiery in very much the same way. Unclip any suspender clips first, don’t take a suspender belt and stockings off as if they were tights. Roll or gather the fabric down towards the toe and then gently pull off.

Washing Your Hosiery

Drying Stockings

Ideally, like lingerie, hosiery should be hand washed using a mild detergent or even a baby shampoo. Allow the items to soak for a good five minutes and then gently squeeze the soapy water through each leg with your hands, making sure all rings and sharp nail edges are removed first. Never wring or twist the stockings or tights as this will weaken the fibres.

Rinse by running them under a lukewarm tap and then squeeze them carefully to remove any excess water. Finally lay them on a towel, which you can roll up as tight as possible, to dry them. Drape them over a rail to let them air properly before putting them away.

If you just don’t have the time to wash your hosiery by hand then make sure you insert them into lingerie washing bags before adding them to the machine. Choose a cool cycle or even a delicate items one, if you have it. Once they are done hang them on a rail to dry, never put them in a dryer or iron them.

Hosiery Care Tips

Maison Close Stockings

Nobody can completely avoid things like children’s wandering hands, animals claws or unexpected furniture so holes and ladders will always happen. Just make sure you carry around a small pot of clear nail varnish in your bag for emergencies when you’re out and about and dab it on the edges to stop any further damage. This has saved me a few times, I can tell you!

Choose hosiery that has reinforced toes, and top section for tights, as these strengthen these more vulnerable areas. You can also buy stockings that have reinforced heels for added protection. And, of course, there are some brands  that produce run resist items, but just remember they’re not 100% guaranteed against modern living.

When wearing stockings make sure your suspender clips are of good quality, preferably metal hooks and rubber stoppers rather than plastic, and aren’t damaged in any way before attaching them to the welt.


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The Underpinnings of Downton Abbey


Downton Abbey Series 5

The worldwide phenomenon of Downton Abbey returns for its fifth series in the UK tonight and one thing that many people always have their eye on is the costumes. From its very first episode, set in April 1912 just as the news is coming in that the Titanic has sunk, the lavish designs have been showing us the subtle changes that occurred in fashion over the early 20th Century. Bring it up to date and tonight’s episode has reached 1924, a time when the Bright Young People in London and the Flappers in New York and Chicago were just coming into their prime. But what we want to know is what do Lady Mary and Lady Edith wear underneath those beautiful dresses and in the bedroom!

Series 1

Downton Abbey Series 1 Costumes

In 1908 French couturier Paul Poirot launched his Directoire style of dress which was largely influenced by the fashions of the French Revolution, over 100 years before. Waistlines rose to between the natural waist and the underbust giving dresses a Regency look.

The garment that every woman wore during the previous Victorian period, the corset, had to quickly adapt to these new designs and create a silhouette that, rather than exaggerating the woman’s curves, it moulded it into a much sleeker line. Therefore the underbust corset with its straight busk came into its height of popularity.

Edwardian Corsets Ad

These new styles were long, very long, and started just underneath the bust, giving no support for larger busted women, and reached all the way down to the mid thigh. This gave the wearer a dainty wiggle-like walk because they couldn’t move their legs too far apart. And this was the time that the Hobble skirt came into fashion!

Suspender clips were added to the bottom which pleased many women who would often find garters would cut off their circulation. Boning was also vastly reduced and the shape was created by clever cutting techniques with several pieces cut on the bias and this, along with the straight busk, allowed the wearer’s diaphragm to open up and the body to not be compressed.

Lady Mary in a corset - Series 1

Lady Mary wearing a very unusual overbust corset for the time in Series 1

Series 2

Downton Abbey Series 2

Starting in 1916, series 2 of Downton Abbey shows us that women’s garments are becoming looser, giving the wearer a less defined waistline around the mid-torso. These styles are the beginnings of what we all know as the 1920s Flapper style, although the hemline is still very sedately towards the ankle.

1919 Nightwear

Nightwear was still very traditional and was, more often than not, made in white cotton or the lighter weight crepe georgette and trimmed with matching lace around the edges. Delicate white embroidery was also popular as all garments, including lingerie, daywear and outerwear, became less fussy.

The silhouette very much followed the shape of the day with both the nightgown and peignoir falling loose on the body. The gown often had detailing around the mid-torso to create a subtle definition whilst worn on its own and sleeves were either short or not at all. The peignoir would often be cut in just two pieces and would loosely tie under the bust with its batwing-style sleeves falling in drapes around the elbows.

Lady Mary in a nightgown - Series 2

Lady Mary wearing a delicately embroidered cotton nightgown and peignoir

Series 3

Downton Abbey Series 3

The Grantham’s have made their way into the 1920s in series 3 and what a difference it has made to the costumes. Waistlines have dropped, hemlines have risen, hat brims are almost covering the eyes, fabrics have become more sheer and luxurious for the day and and primitive prints have become very popular.

One strong influence that swept through the the early 1920s was the Far East. Spurred by international growth since the war, increased importing and exporting and finding it easier to travel overseas, the women of the 1920s fell in love with the Orient. One area this exotic land influenced heavily was nightwear the kimono style becoming the most popular shape for peignoirs.

1920s kimonos

Silks of all colours were produced, embroidered with colourful Oriental designs and crafted into exquisite robes. Many had contrasting trims around the neckline and front, as well as the belt, although another popular style was to let it remain loose and just close with one feature button low on the hip.

The hemlines had also crept up in line with dress and skirt styles of the day, falling somewhere around the mid-calf, although the ladies of Downton were far too high class to embrace this length just yet. It was definitely something for racier girls.

Lady Mary and Lady Edith in their kimono style robes

Lady Mary and Lady Edith in their kimono style robes

Series 4

Downton Abbey Series 4

We’re beginning to see more skin in series 4 with hemlines beginning to rise further, but still a respectable length of course, necklines going down and good old Lady Rose to show us just how high society girls really liked to party in 1922.

Women had more freedom after the war and their eagerness to compete in a man’s world influenced their fashions greatly. Coco Chanel was a forerunner of the more masculine looks and created many outfits that featured ties, male shirts and sportswear touches. She is also renowned for bringing the pyjama to the female of the species.

1920s Pyjamas

Cut in a loose style, often with an Oriental influence, these were a must for any young wannabe Flapper. Their liberating shape, full body coverage and contrasting silk fabrics made them perfect for lounging in, smoking cigarettes, listening to jazz music and reading the latest gossip columns without causing too much of a stir.  This new liberation and a sense of leisure epitomised the era.

Lady Rose in silk pyjamas

Lady Rose enjoying her leisure time in silk pyjamas

We look forward to seeing what new delights the costume team will show us this season. Will you be watching?

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Fox and Rose Autumn/Winter 2014 – The Colour Trends


It may seem like a coincidence that every new season has its particular trends. When you look at the designer catwalk photographs in fashion magazines it may look like many designers just miraculously had the same ideas in terms of looks and colours or perhaps they all sat down and had a good chinwag before deciding what they should present to the world.

However, the world of fashion trends is a highly thought out process and there are many companies who actually predict these trends well in advance based on things such as what films are going to be released that season, what is happening in the world of music, what is the general feeling in society or in politics. All these things, and many many more, influence those who set out the rules for future trends.

Pantone AW14 Colours

Top 10 Colours for AW14 by Pantone

One company who is involved with creating the colour palette that we all are influenced by each season, whether we know it or not, is Pantone. If you’ve never heard of Pantone, they are the company responsible for standardising all colours throughout design, whether its fashion, lingerie, interiors, websites and much more. As always, they have produced their top 10 colours for the AW14 season and here at Fox and Rose you can see just how those colours have been used to create a very autumnal range.

Bisou Bisou Rocket set by Mimi Holliday

Mimi Holliday’s Rocket Collection is a the same hue as Radiant Orchid, yet they have chosen to brighten it to fit in with their own bright colour palette. It’s available in a range of pieces including a soft bra and shoulder bra, as well as three styles of knickers, and a matching slip and eye mask for night time. Each piece is created in radiant orchid soft eyelash lace and 100% silk satin.

Signature Collection by Else

The Signature Collection by Else is a dark hue of Sangria with its autumnal merlot tones. This beautiful red is just the colour you see some of the darkest leaves turning as they fall from the trees. Available in a complete set of plunge bra, deep suspender belt and thong, its crafted in the softest Leavers lace and silk, with even the cups being lined in matching silk.

Copen Blue Selma Dancing Lingerie Set by Stella McCartney

Bright Colbalt is represented by one of my favourite ranges for AW14, the Selma Dancing Collection by Stella McCartney. This is such an unusual shade of blue that you rarely see in fashion, nevermind lingerie and it really is a stand out colour for this season. Designed in matching Leavers lace, silk and Stella McCartney’s signature gold hardware, this is a must for all you trend setters.

L'honorable Rouge collection by Rosy

Adding the richness of autumn orange the L’Honorable collection by Rosy creates a perfect brightness of Aurora Red to the darker, more cooler shades. Contrasted with ivory lace, each piece is produced in the same satin shade. Available in a padded plunge bra, brief, tanga and shorty boxer brief, it also has a beautiful nightwear slipdress to compliment its range.

Vollers Corset Inspire

The Inspire satin corset by Vollers is the perfect shade of Royal Blue. Sumptuous and seductive, this stunning corset adds a regal and luxurious shade to the AW14 colour palette. Trimmed with contrasting panels of black lace and finished with edging of black silk, it hints at the times of Queen Elizabeth I when corsets were intricate and opulent.

Rayonnante collection by Rosy

The La Rayonnante Collection by Rosy has managed to harness not one but three of this seasons colours, Aluminium, Mauve Mist and Misted Yellow. These three shades have been combined to create, what is quite probably, one of the most unique designs within the Fox and Rose ranges. Styled in an unusual triangle print and trimmed with mauve and yellow satin and yellow lace, it is available in a padded bra and brief.

So what do you think of this seasons colour palette? Are you beginning to feel more autumnal?

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The 5 Best US & Canada Based Lingerie Blogs To Follow


Oops, we made a boob (yes, every pun intended)! We recently put together a list of what we think are the 5 Best UK based Lingerie Blogs to Follow. Well, we stand corrected, we had two blogs on there that aren’t, in fact, UK based but rather are over the pond in America. So, we’ve updated our previous list and have also put together a list of what we think are the 5 best US & Canada based lingerie blogs to follow. Thankfully our mistake is a benefit to you as you get to see even more wonderful lingerie blogs to follow!

The Lingerie Addict

The Lingerie Addict

If you follow any lingerie blogs, apart from ours of course, then I bet you follow The Lingerie Addict. You can’t talk about US bloggers without mentioning Cora Harrington who has run this site since way back in 2008.

Posting daily, and sometimes several in one day, her blog is quite possibly the biggest source of intimate apparel knowledge and covers everything from reviews to new season collections to the latest sales, as well as body image, corsetry, diversity, cosplay and the business side of the industry. Well, just about anything lingerie related you could think of! You can even sign up for her newsletter to receive weekly sales and promotions lists as well as the occasional exclusive offers for particular brands.

Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings is like a big hug on your computer screen. It’s warm and fuzzy and just makes you want to smile. Focusing on the fuller figure and fuller bust lingerie, it has the usual reviews and new collection posts but what makes it stand out is the gorgeous photography. There’s a real feeling of the etherial with floating fabrics and beautifully arranged flowers.

Alongside the lingerie posts sits a collection of baking posts, the author’s second obsession, which all helps to increase that warm feeling. So, if you love lingerie and love food too, this blog is for you.

Lucy’s Corsetry

Lucy's Corsetry

If you are even contemplating buying a corset we would highly recommend that you check out Lucy’s Corsetry blog first. Based in Canada, Lucy is not only obsessed with corsets but she is also hugely knowledgable about health issues and how the two are combined, so you know you’re going to get good advice here.

Unlike many bloggers Lucy doesn’t post every week but when she does, the wealth of information is outstanding and her video posts where she reviews a specific corset are invaluable. When I was deciding whether to purchase a What Katie Did corset I watched her reviews and afterwards I was totally convinced they would be the right style for me.

The Lingerie Lesbian

The Lingerie Lesbian

Yes, she’s a lesbian and yes, she loves lingerie, hence the name. Caro set up her blog in 2012 and has a (un)healthy obsession with anything cute, girly and lacy. She mainly focuses on lingerie, writing reviews, introducing new brands she’s discovered and showing off the latest collections but she also throws in a mixture of issue related posts, focusing on how lingerie impacts on our everyday lives and how it makes us feel. Her honesty and openness shine through in every post as she gives her own perspective on issues such as how the lingerie industry uses sex as its main advertising campaign.

Scarlet’s Letter

Scarlet's Letter

I’m an avid reader of the Scarlet’s Letter blog. Amber, who set up the site in 2009, has a really fun way of looking at lingerie and her posts always reflect this. Her reviews are always honest and full of helpful information but it’s the series of posts she does that really grab your attention, from ‘The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie’ to ‘Lingerie Inspired By’ to ‘Lingerie on Film’.

As well as all that, Amber has regular giveaways from some really amazing brands, designer interviews, and talks a lot about sizing, being a fuller busted girl herself. She’s also a big supporter of indie brands and has often featured our very own sister site Joanna’s Wardrobe.

Have you come across any US or Canada based lingerie blogs that you’d like us to add to our list?

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Fox and Rose Autumn/Winter 2014 – Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

With two of the most famous musicians on earth as her mother and father, you would’ve thought that Stella McCartney would’ve chosen to follow in their footsteps. Instead she has made her own way in life, making a huge impact on the fashion world.

Starting at the age of thirteen when she made her first jacket, Stella McCartney had always had a passion for designing clothes and at the age of sixteen she was lucky enough to intern at the world renowned Christian Lacroix company, and there her destiny was set in stone. After graduating from Central St Martins, she went on to work as Creative Director at Chloé and in 2001 she set up her own fashion house under her own name.

Stella McCartney

Her style is described as ‘sharp tailoring, natural confidence and sexy femininity’ which has always shown through in all she does, from her ready-to-wear collections, her Adidas sports performance collection, accessories, eyewear and perfume. She has even created her own kids line and designed Team GB’s clothing for the 2012 Olympics.

In 2008 Stella debuted her first lingerie collection in collaboration with New Zealand lingerie company Bendon. It featured pieces made from silk, organic cotton and georgette silk chiffon and all in the signature Stella McCartney palette of antique pink, cream, blue and pearl grey and, as always, had a distinct sense of strong, sexy femininity. These elements continue to feature in her designs today and at Fox and Rose we have been lucky enough to add three of her latest collections to our Autumn/Winter range.

The Selma Dancing Collection

Copen Blue Selma Dancing Chemise by Stella McCartney

The Selma Dancing collection has been produced in a unusual colour of copen blue, a similar hue to pale cornflower blue. The stretch silk satin Chemise features panels of matching Leavers lace, creating a beautifully feminine slip that feels incredible next to the skin.

Copen Blue Selma Dancing Lingerie Set by Stella McCartney

To compliment the chemise, the exceptionally detailed Contour Bra is quite something. It features gathered silk satin cups, appliquéd Leavers lace, delicately pleated straps and the Stella McCartney exclusive gold triangle strap ring.

Both pieces can be matched with either the Selma Dancing Thong or Brief which feature matching silk satin, Leavers lace and finely stitched triangular panels to create a feeling of vintage luxury.

The Ellie Leaping Collection

Ivory Heart Ellie Leaping Lingerie Set by Stella McCartney

The Ellie Leaping Collection is a mixture of ivory heart print on pink silk crepe de chine, soft patterned mesh and matching French Leavers lace all brought together to create an exquisite range any girl could want. The collection consists of a matching Balconnet Bra and Bikini Brief both with beautiful pintuck detailing.

The Georgia Glowing Collection

Georgia Glowing Lingerie Set by Stella McCartney

The Georgia Glowing Collection combines Stella McCartney’s love of sharp clean lines, confident femininity and sports luxe with a mixture of black Leavers lace, matt stretch sports fabric, pattern mesh and silk trim. The Soft Cup Bra is a soft alternative to any underwire bra but still offers a decent amount of support. Match it with the Boyleg Brief for an unique everyday look.

Georgia Glowing Bodysuit by Stella McCartney

Our favourite piece of the whole A/W range has to be the Georgia Glowing Bodysuit. Inspired by Stella McCartney’s Miracle Dress, which is cleverly cut to create the ultimate hourglass silhouette, the bodysuit’s panels are constructed in a way that also help to create an illusion of a sinuous shape. Wear it underneath your clothes as a comfortable, yet sensuous undergarment or in bed as the perfect nightwear.

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