The Fox and Rose Guide to Different Types of Bra

Different Types of Bra

There are so many different types of bras on the market today that sometimes it’s really hard to figure out which is the best one for you. Perhaps you need support, or you want to enhance your cleavage or maybe you have a particular outfit you want to wear it with, whatever the reason we can help you to choose the perfect bra style for you with our helpful guide to different bra types.


The balconette bra has low cups, almost a demi-cup, that create a look of a horizontal line across the chest and the underwires sit very much in a U-shape. The straps are set wide apart allowing for many types of necklines to be worn on top without the bra being on show, which makes it one of the most popular bra shapes on the market.

The Dotty L’Amour Balcony Bra by Mimi Holliday is created in spotty pink and white silk chiffon and is padded and lined with 100% cotton for added comfort against the skin. It’s shape its typical of the balconette bra making it a luxurious everyday bra.

Balconette Bra

Padded Bra


A padded bra is a term used to describe several styles of bra such as push-up, moulded, t-shirt or demi-cup but generally it means a bra that will shape the breast to make them appear slightly larger. Sometimes the ‘pad’ is removable and sits within a little pocket inside the bra.

The Rosy Prune Lace L’Amour Padded Bra is a demi-cup padded bra which scoops low into the cleavage and gently pushes the bust towards the centre of the chest. Its gold satin cups and pretty brown French lace cover the padding so it isn’t noticeable on the outside.


The moulded cup is always fully padded with a thin layer of foam, sometimes even memory foam, to fit seamlessly around the breast and create a smooth finish. This technique is often used in t-shirt bras to stop them from showing through tight clothing.

The Raspberry Ripple Moulded Bra by Mimi Holliday in electric fuchsia pink is both supportive and extremely comfortable to wear. It creates a beautiful shape that will remain in place all day long thanks to its clever moulding underneath the stunning silk satin.

Moulded Bra

Push Up Bra


The push-up bra does exactly what it says, it pushes the breasts upwards and together to create a fabulous cleavage. The shape of the cups always forms a low plunge line to allow the cleavage to be seen when wearing a low cut top. The padding, which sits on the outer side of the cup, can be made from foam, silicone rubber or gel.

The Vintage Champagne Bra by Rosy is a fantastic bridal push-up bra with its rich champagne silk and antique effect lace scalloping around the bust line which mixes vintage details with contemporary design.


The deep plunge bra is perfect for really low V necklines as the centre front of the bra sits below the bustline. The straps are usually set wide apart so widely cut necklines can be worn as well as low ones. Push-up style padding is often used within these bras to give an added boast to the cleavage.

The Zanzibar Padded V Bra by Damaris in jet-black pure silk is the perfect bra for wearing underneath glamorous low cut dresses due to its sculpted plunge front, 100% cotton padding and smooth, flawless finish.

Deep Plunge Bra

Longline Bra


The longline bra, sometimes known as the bustier, has a longer band that sits underneath the cups for added styling. Often boning will be placed on the side seams to give extra support and stop the band from creasing up. The style of the cups can vary from balconette, demi and plunge.

The Opal Plunge Bra by Dentelle Etc is made in a soft ivory fabric and features contrasting black detailing around the cups, the straps and the three delicate buttons down the centre. The cups are underwired but have no padding creating a soft but very wearable bra. The side boning adds extra support.


The strapless bra is perfect for garments that have awkward necklines or no straps at all such as prom dresses and beach maxi-dresses. There’s always plenty of support inside its construction including underwires, padding and silicone strips across the top of the cups to avoid them slipping down.

The Erin Wishing Strapless Bra by Stella McCartney features all of the above and is completely invisible under clothing due to its smooth bandeau styling. Straps are included for added versatility.

Strapless Bra

Quarter Cup Bra


The quarter cup bra is sometimes known as the cupless bra or the shelf bra. As the name suggests the cup is cut into a quarter allowing most of the breast to be shown whilst still giving a small amount of support. Obviously these are very much an intimate garment and aren’t generally worn everyday.

The Gwendolene Teal Quarter Cup Bra by Playful Promises is the epitome of luxury fun. Styled in a beautiful teal coloured satin and overlaid with black eyelash lace, it can be worn with or without nipple pasties for a sensual and flirtatious elegance.


The soft bra features absolutely no padding, no wiring and no boning. Clever shaping in the cups can create fantastic support much like you would’ve seen in the bras from the early to mid 20th Century. Contemporary soft bras, however, also have the added bonus of modern stretch fabrics and construction techniques. However, they are not suited for very large cups sizes.

The Stephanie Silk Soft Bra by Ayten Gasson is made from luxurious rose silk and the finest English lace on the cups which allow a little bit of ease for added support.

Soft Bra

Triangle Bra


The triangle bra quite obviously has triangular shaped cups. These can either be triangle cups that just sit over the breast or ones that create a shape that goes right up to the shoulder. These are more often than not a soft bra without wiring.

The Chocolate Chip Triangular Bra by Mimi Holliday is the latter style with the black lace cups forming a high triangle shape to incorporate the straps. A nude mesh and black lace trim sit on the inner edges of the cups to create a faux strapping effect.

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Which of Summer Brights Gets Your Vote?

Summer Brights Lingerie at Fox and Rose

Well, yesterday was an extremely tense and emotional day in the UK what with the General Election and the 70th Anniversary of VE Day. So, as a little bit of fun to get over the highs and lows of the day we’d thought we’d do our own vote! And our inspiration? The fantastic results graphics that graced our TV screens which you couldn’t help but get transfixed by.

The British map was turned into a whole host of different bright rainbow colours as the voting results came in, with blue, red and yellow taking up the most space. But there was also an array of purple, various shades of green, orange, turquoise and pink! In fact there were so many the male news readers struggled to pick a tie that was neutral.

So, we’ve put together a collection of our lingerie all in similar bright summery rainbow colours to help cheer you up if it wasn’t the result you wanted or help you celebrate if it was. All we want to know is which one gets your vote?

Red L'Honorable Padded Plunge Bra & Tanga by Rosy

The gorgeous orangey red satin of Rosy’s Red L’Honorable Padded Plunge Bra and Tanga is perfect for those with a fiery and passionate nature. With its simple styling, stunning ivory lace overlay and gold trim detailing this is a must for any girls wardrobe as it’s both practical and sexy.

Bisou Bisou Azure Baby Doll by Mimi Holliday

The calming steadfast blue of the Bisou Bisou Azure Baby Doll by Mimi Holliday appears alluring and playful in this beautifully draped silk. The delicate gold front fastening, black eyelash lash cups and hip skimming length create a must-have piece of nightwear no one can resist.

Scarlett Weaving Bodysuit by Stella McCartney

The Scarlett Weaving Bodysuit by Stella McCartney in bright violet is a brilliant combination of creativity and luxury. Made entirely in an unusual Japanese Levers lace, it has a clever wide elasticated band that sits under the soft cups for added support.

Raspberry Ripple Boy Short by Mimi Holliday

Could the Raspberry Ripple Moulded Bra and Boy Short by Mimi Holliday be any more enticing? Made in a sumptuous bright fuchsia pink silk satin, spotty sheer mesh and matching bow trims, this set is confident, courageous and ultra feminine.

Alectrona naked ‘V’ bra by Damaris

The bright summery yellow of the Alectrona Naked ‘V’ Bra and Classic Knicker by Damaris is both energetic and optimistic. Made entirely in sheer silk tulle and trimmed with a scattering of Swarovski crystals in gold, deep amethyst and lilac, this spirited set couldn’t help but make you smile.

Gwendolene Teal Balconette Bra by Playful Promises

The Gwendolene Balconette Bra and G-String by Playful Promises is designed in a serene peacock colour satin and trimmed in a lavish eyelash lace. It’s stunning black detailing and luxurious colour create a look that’s both sophisticated and uplifting.

So which one gets your vote?

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A Glimpse of Stocking

A Glimpse of Stocking

It’s that time of year when we put away our ever-faithful opaque tights for the winter and look forward to the days of warmth, sunshine and setting our legs free for the summer. However, during these few spring months, when the British weather is so unpredictable, we need a little something to keep our pins from goosepimpling throughout the day. One of the best, and the most seductive, options is luxury stockings. Not only do they give your body a chance to breathe but they also feel incredible against your skin. And we’re sure your other half won’t object!

Here at Fox and Rose, we’ve just taken stock of a whole new range of beautiful stockings from some of the top names in luxury hosiery, such as Gio, Levante and Jonathan Aston. Whether your looking for seamless, fully fashioned, patterned or fishnet, we just know you’ll find something to take your fancy.

Seamless Stockings

Levante Vanessa Stockings Sheer cut & curled stockings by Maison Close

Some people find stockings with seams a little too obvious to the casual observer as seams are generally associated with stockings rather than tights. They also don’t really want to create such a vintage style look and so prefer to go for simple everyday stockings without seams.

For something truly wearable we would recommend the Vanessa Classic Stockings by Levante which are made in a silky soft matte finish, have a reinforced toe and a wide top welt styled with a beautiful diamond pattern. They are available in both natural and black and are a lightweight 15 denier.

Or for something much more temptingly provocative, why not delve into the world of Maison Close? Their Sheer Cut & Curled Stockings are made entirely without a top welt. This was traditionally the style worn during the brothel explosion of the 1800s in Paris, where Maison Close got their name. These unique stockings are available in black 20 denier.

Fully Fashioned Stockings

Fully Fashioned Stockings Pointed Heel by Gio Ivory Fully Fashioned Cuban Heel Stockings by Gio

Fully fashioned stockings were very popular during the 1940s and 50s. This classic style are made entirely from Nylon, a non-stretch fabric created by knitting a very fine yarn as a flat piece and then sewing it together which creates the back seam. If your stockings have a printed seam that isn’t raised up then it’s not a fully fashioned design.

Fully fashioned stockings have reinforced toes, under foot and heels and strong top welts for extra support. There are several different styles of heels to give the wearer variety which include Point, Cuban, Havana and Manhattan. Here at Fox and Rose we offer the two most common styles, Point and Cuban by one of the few companies still producing them in the world today, Gio. Both styles come in a range of colours, black, chocolate, bronze and natural, as well as a range of traditional sizes. The Cuban heel also comes in natural with a contrasting black seam for a truly vintage look.

If you’re wanting a traditional fully fashioned stocking for your wedding day, why not go for Gio’s Ivory Fully Fashioned Cuban Heel Stockings? Manufactured on an original 1950s loom, these stunning stockings will be the pièce de résistance to your bridal outfit.

Coloured and Fishnet Stockings

Sheer Contrast Seamed Stockings in Electric Blue by Kiss Me Deadly Levante Fishnet Stockings by Levante

Of course, if you’d rather be a little bit more adventurous why not try matching your stockings to lingerie? These amazingly bright Sheer Contrast Seamed Stockings in Electric Blue by Kiss Me Deadly are to die for. With a contrasting black welt, back seam, reinforced heels and under foot, these stockings are still made with the traditional Nylon but with the 3% Lycra added to the yarn, they’re fabulously stretchy.

Or perhaps you’d prefer something a little more seductive. The Levante Fishnet Stockings are made in a fine mesh fabric which creates the look of the sexy fishnet but is elegant and stylish to give you a much more luxurious look. The composition of 80% Polyamide and 20% Lycra makes them incredibly comfortable to wear.

Luxury Hold Ups

Contrast Seam and Heel Holdup Stockings by Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Hold up Stockings by Jonathan Aston

Perhaps you love the look of stockings but hate the fuss of a suspender belt. If this is the case then we would highly recommend you try some of our gorgeous luxury hold ups. They’re made in exactly the same way as everyday stockings but have an added elasticised band that sits on the underside of the top welt to make them stay up.

The Contrast Seam and Heel Holdup Stockings by Jonathan Aston offer a fantastic vintage look combined with a more modern day feel. Made in a stretchy fabric of 70% Polyamide, 20% Polypropylene and 10% Lycra these stockings are incredibly easy to wear on a day to day basis. They are available in a 15 denier natural colour with a contrasting black seam, heel and under foot.

And for something a little different why not try the Sweet Roses Hold up Stockings by Jonathan Aston? Made in traditional Nylon with 3% Lycra added for stretch and comfort, these incredibly stylish and feminine hold ups will give any outfit a truly unique look. These fabulous hold ups were featured in NOW Magazine and were given 10 out of 10 for comfort and style, so who could resist?

So, which one’s your favourite? If you’ve never bought a pair of luxury stockings before and are worried about taking care of them why not have a read of our post Hosiery Care Guide: How To Avoid Having To Replace Your Favourite Pair. And if you need a little help deciding which suspender belt you should buy to accompany your chosen pair have a read of our post Choosing The Perfect Suspender Belt.

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The Mischievous Mind of Playful Promises

Playful Promises Mischievous Mind

The British independent brand Playful Promises have always been renowned for their daring and flirty lingerie but now they’ve taken it to a new level with their new Mischievous Minds campaign.

We’ve all done it, read something in a book or a magazine and have taken something completely the wrong way, interpreting it in our own minds as something rather more risqué than it was actually intended to be. Well, that’s where Playful Promises come in. With quotes such as,

Molly trembled all over, but she did not attempt to evade his penetration

from Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel from 1864, Wives and Daughters and

“You would be glad to give her the pleasure now?”
“Oh yes! Very glad, if your aunt sees no objection”

from Jane Austen’s novel from 1814, Mansfield Park, they take what are quite innocent pieces of writing and make you think of them in a rather different way. Team this with their latest not-so-innocent collections and you’ve got one hot advertising campaign. And we’ve got it all here at Fox and Rose.

Gwendolene Teal Quarter Cup Bra by Playful Promises

The Gwendolene Teal Quarter Cup Bra is both ultra sexy and stylish but it also gives incredible support. It’s cut in a way that exposes the breast, yet gives it the uplift and shaping to create a look that will knock your partner’s socks off! Made in rich teal satin and overlaid with black eyelash lace, this bra is the ultimate in boudoir intimates.

Gwendolene Ouvert Brief by Playful Promises

And why not team it with the Gwendolene Ouvert Brief for a truly devilish set? Made in matching teal satin, which is incredibly soft to the touch, it features a black lace overlay across the front and a black satin bow to finish. A cheeky peek-a-boo opening is featured at the front for when you’re feeling just a little bit naughty!

For those who would prefer a more demure covering Playful Promises have also created a matching brief and g-string in the Gwendoline range, as well as a full cup balconette bra all in teal satin and black lace.

Scarlett Black Lace Robe by Playful Promises

For the ultimate night of seduction and glamour, the Scarlett Black Lace Robe is both and more. Made in a delicate black floral lace and trimmed in wide black satin, it allows you to tantalise and tease whilst creating a look as bewitching as your favourite Hollywood starlet. Team it with the Penelope Gold Eyelash Lace Bra and Brief for the most enchanting loungewear.

Penelope Gold Eyelash Lace Teddy by Playful Promises

The matching Penelope Gold Eyelash Lace Teddy oozes the flirtatiousness and frivolity of the Flappers of the 1920s. Made in the softest of black satin, it feels incredible next to your skin and drapes beautifully over your body. Trimmed in stunning black and gold eyelash lace across the top and bottom edges, this teddy creates a look that’s both expensive and sensual.

Brigitte Fan Lace Push-Up Bra by Playful Promises

Inspired by the era of free love, the 1960s and 70s, the Brigitte Fan Lace Push-Up Bra and Brief create a sense of the carefreeness of this time. Made in simple, minimalistic designs, both the bra and brief feature a black fan-shaped lace layered over nude cotton with the back being made from a sheer black mesh for a tempting surprise. A delicate thong and oh-so-retro corsolette complete the Brigitte range.

May All Your Dreams Come True Eye Mask by Playful Promises

And Playful Promises don’t just stop at the lingerie, oh no, they’ve also created a provocative range of beautiful matching accessories. The May All Your Dreams Come True Eye Mask is just one of their fantastic collection of eye masks both perfect for a good night’s sleep and those more risqué intimate moments. Made in a silky black satin and trimmed with matching lace, it features the charming or naughty phrase May All Your Dreams Come True, whichever way you interpret it!

Frida Nipple Tassels - Black with Green Stones by Playful Promises

And you couldn’t go without the perfect accessory for all quarter cup bras (or even just a thong!), the fabulous Frida Nipple Pasties with Tassels. Bring out your inner burlesque queen with these delectably enticing nipple pasties styled in a black satin with green eye-catching stones and soft black tassels for twirling.

Playful Promises Packaging

All of Playful Promises accessories come in their own perfectly formed box for storage and discretion, each with their very own cheeky quote from classic literature. Just pop them in your lingerie drawer to keep them safe until the next play time.

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What Is A Corset?

What Is A Corset?

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about corsets with both Kourtney and Kim Kardashian posting photos in their waist-training “corsets”. Kim caused a stir on Instagram by posing whilst wearing a “corset” at the gym and Kourtney has now followed suit vowing to slim her waist down to pre-baby size.

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian corsets

There has also been a lot of controversy around actress Lily James appearing in the latest adaptation of Cinderella with an amazing teeny tiny waist. With many people speculating that it was CGI, eventually Lily James came clean and revealed it was down to a corset. But it’s also helped by the accentuated billowing skirt and wide bust line detail which both help to create an illusion of making the waist appear even smaller.

Cinderella corset

I even went to a talk just recently about fashion during WWII where the speaker spent quite a lot of time talking about the corsets the women would wear in a time of clothing coupons and rationing. Can you believe that when supplies of steel boning ran short they used cardboard within the construction of corsets to stiffen them?

1940s corselette

What you may have noticed from the photos above is that they all look very different, yet they are all referred to as corsets. In recent years, thanks to the rise in burlesque, vintage and the so-called corset diets, the understanding of what a corset actually is has become somewhat blurred.

So, what is a corset? (And more importantly what isn’t a corset?)

The Corset

Harmony Baby Blue Corset by Vollers

The Harmony Baby Blue Corset by Vollers pictured above is what is traditionally known as a corset. It is constructed of several layers of non-stretch fabric that is, more often than not, of natural fibres like silk and cotton to help the skin breathe.

It has at least 10 steel bones to help create the shape and nip in the waist, as well as a steel busk closure at the centre front. At the back there is a modesty panel which sits underneath the criss-cross lacing which allows the corset to be tightened as required and create those to die-for curves.

The so-called corsets that the Kardashian girls are wearing are in fact latex waist cinchers or girdles, which are also known as fajas. These are designed to be worn during a workout to help you sweat more and, in theory, help you to loose more weight. You should never wear a traditional corset as an alternative during a workout.

The latex cinchers have no boning in them, and if they do these are plastic. There is no steel busk at the front and they have no lacing closure, usually just a row of hook and eye tape. This makes them a lot more flexible than a traditional corset.

To see out full range of traditional overbust and underbust corsets please go to

The Corselette

Brigitte Fan Lace Corsolette by Playful Promises

This Brigitte Fan Lace Corsolette by Playful Promises is a modern day version of the 1942 corselette pictured above. It looks very much like a slip dress with a bra attached to it at the top. A corselette will cover you from the bust right down to the upper thigh and will generally have suspender clips attached on the bottom edge.

Most traditional corselettes were made with bra straps for added support but strapless ones were also available. The cups would feature vertical boning to support the bust and stop any embarrassing situations. It also would’ve had a hook and eye closure all the way down the back or, for easier dressing, down the centre front or on one side.

A traditional corselette would’ve contained steel boning to help create the smooth silhouette every 1940s lady would’ve wanted to achieve. The fabrics were heavy-weight and worn tight against the skin and all of this would come together to help cinch in the waist and shape the torso very much like a corset would.

The modern day version benefits from modern fabrics such as powermesh and elastic detailing around the waist to create a similar shape. There is no need for hook and eyes to run the full length of the garment and are either just across the back like a bra or don’t feature at all.

The Basque

Merry Widow & Basque

Both garments above are basques. However, the one on the left is the Lana Merry Widow by What Katie Did. The name Merry Widow was given to a piece of lingerie created by Warner’s in 1955 which was named after an operetta of the same name. It was similar to a corset, covering the bust and torso but generally stopped at the top hip.

It also had steal boning but was of a simpler construction, often made of just one or two light-weight layers. The bust line was constructed of defined, bra-like underwire cups. The closure was either a zip fastener or a row of hook and eyes down one side or the centre front and at least four suspender clips were attached to the bottom edge.

Over the years this has gradually turned into what we know of today as the basque. The Caramel La Precieuse Basque by Rosy on the right has very much the same shape as a merry widow but has less of the construction detailing.

Many basques have no boning in the torso section and if they do it just a few plastic ones to help keep the garment in shape. The bra-like cups remain, as well as the four suspender clips and hook and eye closure. The more modern basque is not a piece of shapewear and will not cinch you in at the waist.

Do you wear a traditional corset or are you a corselette girl? Have you tried the Kardashian latex cincher?

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Spring Trend: Pastels & Pearls

Pastel and Pearl Lingerie

The snowdrops have bloomed, the daffodils are on their way and we’ve even had a few days of sunshine over the last couple of weeks. You can really feel Spring is in the air. One trend that always appears during this time of year is the wistful and ethereal Pastels and Pearls. This beautiful feminine trends pulls together all of those soft, delicate colours like buttermilk, oyster, vanilla, ice pink and champagne.

At Fox and Rose we have an abundance of pastel and pearl inspired lingerie and nightwear for you to choose all in heavenly fabrics of chiffon, lace, silk and satin.

Sugar Squeeze Balcony Bra by Mimi Holliday

The pale rose and truffle leopard print of the Sugar Squeeze Padded Balcony Bra and Classic Knickers by Mimi Holliday combines delicate feminine tones with the more daring feline side. Made in a sheer silk chiffon the smooth padded cups are lined with 100% cotton for a sensational and natural feeling against the skin. Both pieces are trimmed with a pink silk satin bow with the bra finished with matching satin bra straps.

Migrating Swan Babydoll by Shell Belle Couture

The vintage inspired Migrating Swan Babydoll by Shell Belle Couture is made from the softest blend of silk and cotton in the palest of peaches. The light grey migrating swan print adds to its diaphanous feel along with the soft cups in white spot tulle and sheer French Leavers lace trim around the bottom edge.

Dotty L'Amour Bow Back Thong by Mimi Holliday

Like the rest of the Dotty L’Amour range, the Bow Back Thong by Mimi Holliday is made from a very sweet sheer silk chiffon with a large polka dot pattern. To add to its girlish feel two large ice pink sashes tie around the upper edge to form an enticing bow. Team with the Dotty L’Amour Balcony Bra for a fresh Spring look.

Pleasing Soire Camisole and Shorts by Shell Belle Couture

Shell Belle Couture’s Pleasing Soire Camisole and Shorts are made in a slightly darker shade of rose pink and are contrasted perfectly with cut out sections of black French Leavers lace. The indulgent silk crepe de chine hangs beautifully on the body and is finished with the finest ladder stitching detail giving both pieces a real sense of luxury and quality.

Oyster Whippy Comfort Bra by Mimi Holliday

The Oyster Whippy Comfort Bra, Frilly Boy Short and Garter by Mimi Holliday is made from a beautiful combination of soft ice pink silk satin and extremely delicate silver lace. It creates a look of ‘barely there’ whilst still giving plenty of support and coverage. This is the perfect bridal set for wearing under lighter style dresses as it creates a smooth, unnoticeable finish.

Love Me Camisole by Shell Belle Couture

For a truly indulgent lounging honeymoon set the Love Me Camisole and Brief by Shell Belle Couture is just what you need. Made in a soft creamy vintage spot tulle and trimmed with sheer French Leavers lace, this set is both bohemian and playful. Both pieces are part lined at the front with matching silk, allowing the camisole to be worn outside if you wish.

Fidele Padded Bra by Rosy

Made in a soft blush coloured stretch jersey the Fidele Padded Bra and Brief by Rosy is the perfect set to create a smooth silhouette. Finished with a contrasting black scalloped trim and oyster shell style buttons, both pieces offer comfort, support and simplicity. Also available in a High Waisted Brief, Thong and Camisole.

Tease Bra and Tanga by Shell Belle Couture

The Tease Bra and Tanga by Shell Belle Couture are made from the most elegant champagne coloured washed silk.  Creating a very sophisticated look the bra cups are layered with a matching French Leavers Lace and feature a bondage style silk strap across the top of the bust. The tanga is appliquéd with one flower of the Leavers lace and features the same strapping around the back to create a delicate g-string.

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Fifty Shades of Fox and Rose

Fifty Shades of Fox and Rose

If you’ve been on another planet for the last few weeks then you would’ve missed all the hype surrounding the worldwide phenomenon of the new Fifty Shades of Grey film. Originally penned as a series of three books, this extraordinary erotic tale of a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young wealthy entrepreneur, Christian Grey, has sold over 100 million copies worldwide. When the news broke that it was going to be turned into a Hollywood film the fans went into a frenzy adding their own suggestions on social and fan sites as to who should play the mysterious Mr Grey.

What with us being huge lingerie fans here at Fox and Rose, we had hoped to see some truly amazing pieces of unmentionables during some of the more steamy scenes but the number of lingerie appearances are surprisingly minimal. However, we did get very excited when we heard that Stella McCartney, who is friends with 50 Shades’ director Sam Taylor-Johnson, had provided some of the lingerie for the film and during the infamous red room scene we briefly see Ana wearing the Clara Whispering brief in blue. This colourway, as you can imagine, is completely sold out across the world but if you’re still wanting to purchase a pair to wear for your own Mr Grey why not go for the electrically charged amethyst version available on

Clara Whispering Bikini Brief by Stella McCartney

These ultra smooth bikini briefs are made in the most luxurious amethyst silk as soft and as enticing as that grey silk tie. Edged in delicate matching Leavers lace this brief will leave you begging for more (which you can get in the shape of the Clara Whispering Balconnet Bra!).

Clara Whispering Chemise by Stella McCartney

And why not team it with the truly sensual Clara Whispering Chemise from Stella McCartney with its titillating open back that falls just to the top of your hips in a V drawing the eye downwards. It’s made in the same matching amethyst silk and Leavers lace.

The Lighter Shades

Fifty Shades of Grey Knickers

Ana’s main choice of underwear, particularly before her relationship with Christian takes a more kinkier turn, is a very simple white cotton bra and knickers set with a small amount of lace detailing. This, obviously, is to represent her more innocent self that will eventually become something quite different thanks to Mr Grey. Just like our seductive, mischievous, bold Fox and elegant, understated Rose, we believe every woman has two different shades to her!

L'Amour Bra and Brief by Rosy

As we are a luxury lingerie company one thing we don’t often stock is cotton and tend to veer more towards the sumptuous silk and satin but we do love our lace and you can always find a beautifully innocent white set like the L’Amour Bra and Brief by Rosy amongst our collections.

Porcelain Room Service Kimono

And for a little piece of seductive, yet thoroughly virtuous cover up why not throw on the Porcelain Room Service Kimono by Shell Belle Couture? This truly beautiful loungewear is created in a stunning French Leavers lace appliquéd onto the most luxurious silk crepe de chine. Will you serve or be-served in this statement piece? Only you can decide.

The Darker Shades

Fifty Shades of Grey Mask

As the story progresses we are let into Mr Grey’s secret world of adventurous play and lascivious pleasures. Ana’s darker side is slowly brought out and we get to see all those fabulous toys and accessories he has painstakingly organised and explored. Our very own Fox can’t help but want to explore them too!

Black Eye Mask with Black Tassels by Playful Promises

Part of Playful Promises new Mischievous Mind collection, the Black Eye Mask with Black Tassels would be just perfect for play time with your partner as well as getting some shut eye afterwards! Presented in an equally mischievous box, this silk eye mask would make a fabulously suggestive gift.

Gwendolene Teal Quarter Cup Bra by Playful Promises

And for the ultimate combination of sensual elegance the Gwendolene Teal Quarter Cup Bra and Ouvert Brief by Playful Promises are just what the master ordered. Both styled in enticing teal satin and black eyelash lace, the quarter cup bra is both revealing and surprisingly supportive whereas the ouvert brief features a cheeky peek-a-boo opening at the front for when you’re feeling naughty!

Frida Nipple Tassels - Black with Green Stones by Playful Promises

Playful Promises have also released a fantastic range of the Burlesque dancers favourite accessory, the nipple pastie. The Frida Nipple Tassels – Black with Green Stones are just the thing for enticing your partner in a fun, yet very sexy way. Go on, can you twirl them around in different directions? We bet you can.

So, have you seen Fifty Shades of Grey yet? Which shade are you?

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